Review: Dual Screen Case For LG V60 ThinQ

For $100, the new Dual Screen case for the LG V60 ThinQ can turn your phone into a next-gen foldable smartphone. It doesn’t deliver the absolute best foldable experience, mostly due to the large gap between the two displays, but it’s hard to go wrong for the price. When compared to the Dual Screen accessory shipped alongside the LG G8X ThinQ, this model features more protection and added grip.

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29 Replies to “Review: Dual Screen Case For LG V60 ThinQ”

  1. Vallen Goldshmidt

    this is useless. the second screen doesn't interact at all with the 1st screen. You cant just rotate it into landscape and have a keyboard pop up on 1 screen while the messages are on top ,etc. Pointless

  2. Bat Man

    Just got this phone as a upgrade plan with my provider! What a cool phone! Just need to know how to protect the second screen when you fold it over and place on a desk or table or rock outside?! Any ideas!?!

  3. Stan

    You should have demonstrated how to make/take calls with the case closed, and how to take pictures. These are the two most frequent things the average user would do, and you completely ignored them.

  4. egallardo0294

    Just bought a tempered glass for the main screen .26mm a plastic film for the dual and I might seem if I can fit a tempered glass on the outside.
    If you have trouble with fingerprint scanner redo them after you put the screen protector, it fixed my issue.

  5. Texaschainsaw

    Having a devil of a time separating the second screen. Can't get to the SD card without detaching the screens. Checked the owners manual about detaching but not very helpful. Any thought? Thanks.

  6. Tisha Hayes

    I figured it was time to replace my V20, I will miss the ability to replace the battery as I have done that twice on the V20 to extend the life of the phone. I have been carrying phones around since the 1980's (yea, bag phones) and went through several Google Pixel devices until the screen cracked on one of them. I went with the V20 and frankly have been amazed it lasted 4 years. Now I am an LG fangirl and finally decided to make the purchase after too many apps that would only be stable on a newer version of Android (The V20 is stuck at 8.0.0). I placed the order through T-Mobile (yea, I am a glutton for punishment) and it should be here in two days.

  7. Brian Riggs

    I'm having problems with the speakerphone. It sporadically mutes my voice until I turn off speakerphone. I even exchanged it for a brand new phone and on day 1 I've had the exact same problem. ID love to know if anyone else has this problem and also if there is a way to solve this

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