[Review] Belkin Wemo Light Switch – Demo And Overview

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Back at CES 2013, I had a chance to stop by the Belkin booth to check out some of the new tech they had been working on. The first thing to catch my eyes was the Wemo Light Switch. Recently, this product was released and I’ve got my hands on one to give you the run down. Is it worth the money? Check out the video to find out.

Personally, I think this is an excellent product. The Wemo Light Switch will allow you to control it from anywhere there’s an Internet connection. It also plays nicely with Belkin’s other Wemo products and has full IFTTT integration.

Currently, the Belkin Wemo Light Switch is available for $49.99 from Amazon, Best Buy, and many other related tech retailers. Check out my video review and be sure to let me know what you think.

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30 Replies to “[Review] Belkin Wemo Light Switch – Demo And Overview”

  1. Eva Huang

    hello Mr Dom, good weekend!I am a seller from Amazon. I am interested in your video in Youtube.Very nice and detailed video!I also sell smart product in Amazon. Do you want to use our goods?If so,we can send the sample to you soon,looking forward to your early reply!

  2. Marshall Still

    Someone please explain the advantage to this. You have to walk in the room anyway. How hard is it to turn a light switch on? It seems really lazy. Is this a gimmick or does it really solve a problem? Not trying to come off as a hater…there must be something to this that I don't understand.

  3. Foster Knapton

    It looks like you wired the switch wrong, you have given the switch power but it looks like the neutral(of the switch) is attached to the ground, the Maurette in the back of the box would be you're neutral

  4. Lennox1492

    This is my favorite smart device and it looks great on the wall. I like the nice spring action you get when turning it on and off instead of one of those annoying see saw flip flop ones

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