Review: August Smart Lock with HomeKit & Siri

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August Smart Lock has finally launched their second generation lock that fits over almost any deadbolt. It allows you to control your door using Siri and HomeKit. That means you can tie it into scenes, zones, or schedules.

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  1. yaritza diaz

    Hated spending that much on a lock>>> but my wife wanted the ability to remotely unlock the door when friends and family arrived early or unexpectedly. After having the lock for this amount of time you couldn't get me to give it back. Super convenient plus the piece of mind knowing that if I forget to lock the door when I leave it will lock itself and that I can check the status of the lock anytime I like.

  2. Anna Kilbourne

    Placing anything that uses electricity on the world wide web can be a
    hacker magnet waiting to happen, as the daily news of somebody being hacked is
    old hat. I don't read much online about garage door openers or automotive key
    fobs being hacked, although I know its possible. However, automotive key fobs
    and garage door openers have worked successfully for decades. Technology should
    be about Return on Investment, and it seems most remote control deadbolts on
    the market today are simply too expensive and too hackable. Just google DEF CON
    2016 and watch/learn about a convention for hackers demonstrates just how easy
    it is to hack any smart lock with an IP address.

  3. DoubleClutchOnline

    In my apartment I installed an August. It didn't work so I replaced it. The second one didn't work reliably either, and after a bunch of infuriating calls to their customer service I ended up getting a connect module so that it would work with wifi without needing to rely on appleTV. The connect module is unreliable and now, after about six months, has failed completely. In my weekend home, I've had a Schlage Z-Wave lock that has worked reliably for over six years without a single hiccup. Unfortunately, Schlage doesn't work with Apple HomeKit. Plus, in the apartment, I am not permitted to have a non-standard lock visible on the exterior of the door. Which is why the August was so appealing. Sadly, everything I've purchased from August has provided nothing but frustration. August needs to realize that they are providing security products that are intended to secure people's homes, and then design their products with that in mind. They are clearly not serious about this.

  4. rmrfboy

    this might be a stupid question but what happens when your phone ran out of battery? Or there's a power outage on the whole neighborhood? is there a manual override or something?

  5. Aingeal Casidhe-breen

    With the second generation, Do I have to get the August Access in order to see who has unlocked my door? What about to use Siri and Alexa? From what I have read before, I would need the access to do everything accept unlock the door myself via the app at the door.

  6. Matt Corkum

    Fantastic video, but like others have said the misinformation about wifi and HomeKit is big. The whole point of this second version was the addition of HomeKit and the removal of the requirement to buy the bridge! 🙂

  7. Cactus Tweeter

    Andrew, when you switched over from the non-home kit version of the August lock to the HomeKit version, did you remove your old mounting hardware and use the new mounting hardware? I have a non-home kit version of the August lock and I want to get the HomeKit version. So I'm just curious what I'm up against when switching from the old version to the new one.

  8. Science 3D

    Hi, Do I need to buy any other device to make Siri work with this device (kind of a HUB), or is it going to work seamlessly with my iPhone? and, can I install the app on my wife's iPhone so she can use it too?

  9. Steve Smith

    How does the door unlock from inside the house? Do you have to have the August app on a smartphone? What if you have granted a guest access to the house and they want to leave? How do they unlock the door? I am going to install a keypad on the outside but do I need a keypad on the inside as well? Sounds like I need to.

  10. duel007

    Can the lock be paired to the Philips Hue hub instead of the August Connect, as it can for the Apple TV?

    I assume Homekit Compatible = Homekit Compatible, so yes? But curious.

    Thanks, loved the video.

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