Retro Gaming Consoles & More coming in 2020

Happy New Year! There is alot of gaming hardware that will be released this year besides the PS5 and Xbox Series X. In this video, I take a look at some of the announced devices that will be releasing this year. What classic gaming consoles are you looking forward to in the new year? Comment below and thank you for watching! Hit the like button and subscribe!

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  1. Grant Wedgbrow

    Hey John, how are you doing buddy? Hope you are well and keeping safe. I have a question for you. Do you know if there is any intention to release a modern replica of either a Panasonic 3do or Philips cdi? I realise they weren't too popular back in the day, mainly due to pricing issues, but it'd be nice to see them reimagined in a HD format. Thanks for the great videos as always. Cheers bro.

  2. Scrambles the Death DealeЯ

    Dude, I absolutely love my Retro-Bit Trio and Trio+.

    The only things that I have stumbled upon that haven't worked with them are Decap Attack for Sega Genesis (weird programming of the controller inputs/buttons that only works with original Genesis/Mega Drive Model 1 and 2, I don't know about 3 systems), and the Hudson Soft Bomberman 5-way controller adapter (Super Famicom).

    Otherwise, fantastic machines for a low price.

  3. James Hargrove

    Some of the games showcased in the official Amico "game play" trailer are, allegedly, already available on mobile (the Evel Kneival game footage was allegedly ripped directly from a YouTube video of the existing mobile game). Pretty sketchy definition of "exclusive" being used by Intellivision, if those allegations are true.

  4. Joshua Snyder

    We are being inundated with a lot of retro player nonsense. We get these game systems rehashing old stuff at ridiculous prices for what amounts to hacky reboots, or mobile phone quality games, gimmicky controllers, etc and they think we'll pay $200 or more for this?
    Want an 80's rehash IA, VCS, Poly, etc?…Just Say No!

  5. IrishCarney

    What I'd like to see are consoles dedicated and meant for FLOSS games. There have been a few handhelds like that, but they have tended to be more for techies. Ideally what we'd see is hardware designed around full compatibility with fully "libre" software (including the bootloader), and then actual physical game media (like SD or CompactFlash cards for a handheld, or DVDs for a home console), made and packaged by the same company. Think how companies out there have made new Game Boy, Lynx, and NES game cartridges, even with manuals and boxes, long after those consoles were discontinued. Now imagine someone packaging games like SuperTuxCart, SuperTux, OpenArena, FreeDoom, etc., in that way. The games might need to be lightly modified to have their controller configuration defaults, on on-screen artwork, match the console controller, but that shouldn't be a big deal. The user interface would look like GP2XMB rather than the "retro" menus like RetroArch that assume you're using copyrighted games for other consoles.

  6. Raddle Starwyvern

    Hey John or any subscribers who know. Please let me know the name of a game I'm looking for. I got a beat em up a long time ago for the super Nintendo all I remember about it is there is a clown you have to fight on top of a moving train he hits you with like a baton does anyone know this game? it was not a comic book game like Batman or something it was a more double dragon like game . If anyone knows please reply me thank you.

  7. Allie-RX

    I doubt Nintendo will release a Game Boy Mini or N64 Mini now that the Switch is a massive success and people are subscribing to Switch Online to play NES and SNES games.

    They released the NES and SNES Classic because the Wii U was such a failure. 2016 was their worst year, so they had to get something out to make people love Nintendo again.

  8. Alex inoshishi

    hey pretty cool video, do you know Wizama One Square it's a french concept about card game mix with a screen that you can play with it's not really a console but very interesting but not sure when it will be release

  9. 1chi TheKilr

    I want an N64 Mini or preferably an FPGA N64 this year. That would be awesome. I think a Game Boy Mini would be sweet but I wonder if they would do a standard Game Boy or if it would include Game Boy Color games as well.

  10. Edward Langley

    Happy new year. I have pc engine preorder. Most definitely looking forward to amico. If you look on retrobit website they also having hand held system coming out plays Nes and Famicom games looks pretty neat plays hdmi when hooked to tv.

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