Retro Game Collecting in 2020 | EXPENSIVE SNES games and RARE retro gaming consoles!

It’s time to set the Retro Game Collecting goals for 2020. During last weeks Retro Game Room tour Gemma had the opportunity to reflect on her current game and console collection. With MASSIVE Retro Game Hunts planned Gem let’s you in on some of the retro games and consoles she hopes to acquire in 2020.

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Shadowrun gameplay:

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37 Replies to “Retro Game Collecting in 2020 | EXPENSIVE SNES games and RARE retro gaming consoles!”

  1. Ealswythe Angelic Realms

    3 of my most rare and expensive SNES games are Dragon Quest V, Dragon Quest VI and Final Fantasy V put out by a small retro gaming company called Timewalk Games. Did this company have any connection to Nintendo? When did these games come out? The 3 games I mentioned were released in Japan for the Super Famicom but not in the U.S. In the 1990's as far as I know. These games were originally English translated ROMs playable on an SNES emulator on a computer. This Timewalk game company put out these English translations on SNES reproduction carts with reproduction SNES labels in boxes that look like original SNES boxes. Do you have any of these Timewalk games or any others this company produced? I have a LOT of my gaming friends searching for these Timewalk games but can't find them for sale on eBay or any retro gaming store.

  2. Samantha Azira

    I almost bought one in oregon about a year ago. However it was going to be around 700 US and I think was missing the remote or the tray was having issues, so I passed. A CIB was available but was around 1200.

  3. Tim wah

    I found a boxed one at the sunday markets here in Australia couldn't believe it, cost me $80! missing the controller though, it is also modded for PAL, the Japanese girl said it was her brothers I have it on my Insta @retro_dubs

  4. Stephen Bates
  5. Stephen Bates
  6. MaverickNinja

    Meh, I must say a few years back this channel wasn’t my favourite but was at least genuine and watchable.

    Upon watching this however I shall be unsubscribing and not watching any more of these videos by Gebs. This to me is the absolute epitome of someone who doesn’t actually give a fuck about those heartwarming memories and amazing times as kids that we all had playing these games. This just stinks to me of a classic “I’ve got cooler stuff than you” channel. Be honest Geb, you don’t give a fuck about any of this stuff truly, you just want the expensive shit to show off with.

    Unfortunately it’s people like you that ARE driving prices up for everyone else, because you’re moronic enough to pay what, in the region of I assume £500 + for that piece of crap Panasonic Q? You’re never gonna use it, you’re only buying it to show off and smirk about in yet more videos on here, for the purpose of gloating. All you did in this video was talk about money and how much things cost…. who gives a fuck? Show off your game collection and talk about ideas for design, display etc, stop banging ok about your amazing SNES collection which is worth X amount of money. So boring. Sadly too many of these channels now consist of “I’ve got these games which are well expensive.” You literally never talk about how amazing FF7 is, the impact Streets of Rage had on you, how long you played Majora’s Mask for or why you love Mario so much, you just whinge about how hard it is for women in retro game collecting (like it’s a career?!) and the judgement you face for it, alongside what you’ve spent on what is mostly bullshit expensive collectors items that you have no sentimental attachment to. Also, why not stay away from all the dramatic hand gestures, pauses in speech and over the top facial expressions…. you’re not telling someone bad news, about their dying kids you’re talking about video games.
    Won’t be watching ever again.
    Boring. Anyway rant over, peace.

  7. Antony McEwan

    It's great to have goals and you have some tasty ones there. One of my 2019 goal was to get a reasonably priced copy of Ibara on Jp PS2 – and I did! Think i paid £129 which is pretty good. Goal this year is to get some nice SFC / SNES games. Aiming to find a good pice copy of Ghost Sweeper Mikami… Newly subscribed: lovin the content!

  8. Mr Reece

    I'm going to the Doncaster gaming market this year I've never been I'm after some mega cd and megadrive games after final fight cd and sonic cd.ive just got a gaming room so it's time to start and collected

  9. Jonathan

    Shadowrun: I have the US version, but really want the Japanese version. The box art is amazing (way better than US/PAL) and it can be played in English, albeit with Japanese text also displaying at the same time as you play. It’s a great game.

    Panasonic Q: I had one of these back in the day. Ordered from Liksang if I’ve remembered that correctly. It was a great looking system, but I ended up using my standard GC more as it was modded to be region free and had the GB Player. Looked great though! Wish I’d never sold it. Oh well….

  10. zensai69

    retro game collecting is incredibly expensive these days. i dont recommend getting these games on ebay unless you absolutely have no choice. on ebay you will be charged double the games value and still get a busted looking game with various damage or even a fake cartridge. disc based games on ebay is even more disastrous. the safest bet is to get the game brand new on ebay if you must purchase. other than that perhaps hitting the road for game hunts might bring you better luck. in time people will even donate games to your channel. dont forget its games with limited prints that are valuable and why games like earthbound stay expensive. some games that go down in price are no longer sought after by collectors, and or digital versions of the game have diminished its value. no point in collecting worthless games especially mainstream games. stick to hidden gems and rare copies save money and space. quality over quantity. but most of all make sure you enjoy the game your going through the trouble to collect. anyway good luck on your channel look forward to seeing how things go for you.

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