Restoration Therapy: Nintendo Wii – Homebrew Channel & Wiimmfi (Get Back Online)

Don’t throw away your Nintendo Wii just yet! It still has life left in it!

I still have my Wii, but I also see them littering thrift stores for pretty cheap all the time as parents clean out their kid’s rooms when they leave for college or whatever. Sometimes I will see 3, 4, or 5 for sale at a time.

I found a Nintendo Wii at a thrift store with hookups and a Wiimote for $10, but with my Loyalty Card the price was $5. How could I say no!!! Even though there was a policy of “no returns for electronics” I figured that for the price of a cup of coffee and a bagel I could have something to tinker with for a few days and maybe get some use out of.

To my amazement it worked perfectly as soon as I brought it home! My first thought was to to softmod it with the Homebrew Channel so I could install third party software (not blessed by the hand of Nintendo) and the Wiimmfi Patcher so I could play games online where service has been discontinued. Mainly so I could get my ass kicked by middle school kids in Mario Kart Wii, which more often than not is what happens.

Even though this is not cutting-edge stuff, I decided to record myself doing the softmod because it was just fun to do, and I sincerely hope you enjoy watching it.

I did this softmod using an SD card, because I like the idea of being able to store a lot of Homebrew software on the Wii, and YES I am aware that there are simpler ways of using the Wiimmfi Patcher without the Homebrew Channel. This is just my personal choice and I like it better. If you play emulated games on your Wii I think you’ll find this method to be better as well.

In this video we will:
* Remove parental controls that were on the Wii when I first got it
* Format the Wii to original factory condition
* Update the System Software
* Install the LetterBomb exploit onto an SD Card
* Execute the LetterBomb exploit on the Wii via the Message Board
* Install the Homebrew Channel
* Install an NES Emulator for the Homebrew Channel on the SD Card (FCE Ultra GX)
* Install the Wiimmfi Patcher for the Homebrew Channel on the SD Card
* Register Wii console with Wiimmfi using Mario Kart Wii
* After waiting period, play Mario Kart Wii online!

Wii Parental Control password reset tool


List of homebrew emulators

Wiimmfi Project/FAQ

General Wiimmfi Statistics

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6 Replies to “Restoration Therapy: Nintendo Wii – Homebrew Channel & Wiimmfi (Get Back Online)”

  1. The Shadowman

    I tried a different method of installing Wiimmfi, through the internet. Every time I try to run the site after the whole "favorite" label thing, it keeps getting stuck. Any advice? (I also don't want to use an SD card for fear of serious damage being done.)

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