21 Replies to “Resident Evil: Village | Xbox One S|X vs Xbox Series S|X | Graphics Comparison & FPS”

  1. Dan Ingvordsen

    Only reason the xbox one x is so slow, are the HDD 1Tb mobile seagate 5400 rpm 140 MB/s. clone your drive to ssd, and put it in, so you get faster loading speed and no spinning sound from hdd

  2. David Needham

    This game looks sick on all systems. The optimization on Capcom's part is out of this world. The series x with ray tracing holding 60fps at least slightly over 90% of the time is badass and even the one X looks excellent. The series S should have had a 1080p RT mode and a 1440p RT mode combined into a Quality and Performance mode settings, using the same downscale to 1080p assets from the one X. I feel like developers don't give that little powerhouse enough credit. The older Xbox one probably should have been capped at 30fps. It looks good but there is for sure some frame stuttering.

  3. Miguel Villatoro

    Dont get me wrong but i really love the xbox one x the best because it looks super sharp and it has such a blue teint and i prevere that allways in my tv settings compared to warm red tones.

  4. peloquinful

    resident evil 8 is absolutely disappointing on the Xbox one X graphically as well as technically! this console can do a lot more (Hitman 3, for example) so it is clearly a downgrade to the next-gen consoles (which also by no means explore their standards)

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