Resident Evil 2 Remake Demo: Xbox/X/PS4/Pro/PC – All Versions Tested!

Join Alex for a detailed breakdown of the Resident Evil 2 Remake ‘one shot’ demo – every version is tested here, with full graphics comparisons, performance analysis and a detailed breakdown of he PC version!

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33 Replies to “Resident Evil 2 Remake Demo: Xbox/X/PS4/Pro/PC – All Versions Tested!”

  1. Def Head

    But again whit Capcom, no 4K Native on X because parity with Pro (and it's sound like they really prefer to work with sony … Or they just don't want to spend time to optimised more their own games on X … but it's very disapointing because X is capable to running it in 4K Native … I feel a blurry feeling when I play the demo but now I understand why

  2. O&A Fan Videos

    I really wish they stopped using 256×256 textures for environments like they did in RE7. They're so far behind everything else visually that they get distracting. The environment surfaces just look like crap up close.

  3. Setnaro X

    In my experience, I had issues on the PC version where the game would hiccup whenever something new happened. Like, if I shoot an enemy in the head with a shotgun or when I walk into a new area. It's not a big problem, but I do hope it's something that gets fixed in the final build. Outside all of that, the game runs like a dream at max settings.

  4. kacey stokes

    Can someone help me why can't a 2080 ti play Resident Evil 2 4 K max settings I thought that was the whole point in spending that much money in a card let alone everything else that goes with it and if that can't do it how the people think a PS5 or an Xbox two are gonna pull it off

  5. Nerd Zone!

    Honestly this games seems like it’s needs a 900p for base console same with devil may cry 5 ( we see in feb how well it runs on PS4 in 1080p) . Honestly wish developer give us that option for console players if u want better performance or graphics.

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