Replace your iPhone battery now. Here’s why.

The Post’s Geoffrey A. Fowler replaced his iPhone 6 battery using Apple’s new replacement program. Was it worth the hassle? We answer that and more of your biggest questions. Subscribe to The Washington Post on YouTube:

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35 Replies to “Replace your iPhone battery now. Here’s why.”

  1. portedbikes

    29 dollars, 1 week to a month wait time, 5 hours in the store with an appointment… yeah Apple does not want you to buy a new phone, they want to help you with your battery as the facts are showing. If you hourly rate is $30+ you should get your battery for free and $120 cash to make up for your time.

  2. Giggs Ricard

    This battery reconditioning program exceeded my presumptions. It worked on any drill battery, several AA and AAA batteries,>>>   and any camera battery. The steps are simple and the act itself is exciting to do. No matter what type of battery you`ve got, it is sure to function again!

  3. *

    Yeah! I used to work for Apple in the store and these poor customers would show up AFTER making their appointment and the genius bars would say ops! Sorry we don’t have them in stock. It’s total BS and I could not take working for them anymore after what I saw what goes on behind those silver doors and the brain washing and cult like place it was. It’s BS how they treat the people …

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