Repair An LG Television Motherboard By Baking It In The Oven

Repair a television motherboard and/or HDMI ports by baking it for 10 minutes in a 385 degrees Fahrenheit oven. This video is to add to the growing body of successful stories. See for source.

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49 Replies to “Repair An LG Television Motherboard By Baking It In The Oven”

  1. badpie99

    Just tried this on an LG 55LW5700 55 Inch: Preheated the oven to 385, baked for 10 minutes exactly, allowed to cool for 30 minutes. I went the cardboard method with a sheet of aluminum foil on top. 100% worked, TV powered on and gave me the "Life is Good" slogan and I agreed. Thanks for this video and for all the comments on various methods!

  2. Ricardo Camacho

    Let's go through the process Right now for first time:) I post update after 2 attempt using this method. WORKS 375 F for 10 min the firs time don't work the second time I let on the stove cooling by itself 2 hours later came back and clean whit alcohol all the board re install and Work :O 1/2/20 Thank you for making this video. It was very helpful.

  3. Hasan Koçali

    Harikasın dostum. büyük bir masraftan kurtardın beni. bedeki lg 32lw5500 de görüntü ses her şey gitti. 180 derecelerde 8 dakikia falan pişirip yavaş soğumaya bıraktım. ve çalıştı. harika

  4. 777Sharkbait

    I just baked my TV part for the 3rd time tonight. To avoid smoke place part on steel baking tray. The first time i baked it , it lasted a year. The 2nd time about 3 months. I just baked it tonight so i hope to get better than 3 months. With Black Friday's TV's selling 65 Inch for $275 it is tempting to just go buy a new TV.

  5. Dan Newcombe

    Well I ran across your video after I lost the audio in my LG 47LE 5400-UC. I chose to try the baking method before I mailed out the board and spent $75.00. I am very pleased to say it worked and I am much appreciative of your help. I had to modify your method a little because I have an electric over. I banked it 10 minutes at 350 and let it cool outside of the over for 30 minutes. Installed it and everything works great. thanks so much sir.

  6. Richard Kondowe

    Wow!! It worked today! I bought TV 47LE7500 in 2011 but 2014 four HDMI was not worked only AV In. Referred 5 repairers but not successful. Last year one repair said to should buy TV motherboard in LG Office in Johannesburg, but LG Officers expired for the specif model. Yesterday (26 Aug), AV Cables was jammed, TV RF cable jammed, PC RGB jammed but only USB. On 27 Aug 2019, I was checking on internet to buy motherboard then I saw the post. I found screwdriver open TV, removed motherboard, heated 185°C for 10 minutes in oven, cool down for 20 min, fix TV and it worked!! Like brand new TV!!! Thank you. I used cardboard, no smoke but only fumes from oven for 10 min.

  7. 777Sharkbait

    I did this last year and it worked, My TV last 1 year. then did the same, No picture, but power lights come on. I'm going to try bake it again this weekend. To avoid smoke to NOT USE CARDBOARD. use a the steel baking try that comes with the oven. I had almost no smell using steel baking try. I took mine outside to cool , can't wait an hour for something to cool.!

  8. Tom Arnold

    My LG 55" TV reported "no input" on each HDMI port. I pulled out the board with the HDMI inputs. Using a toaster oven in the backyard I preheated it to 375, inserted the board on a piece of cardboard for 10 minutes. I let the board cool down outside in the shade. After putting the board back in the TV the inputs work! Woo hoo, I don't have to buy a new TV. The hardest part of this is getting the TV off the wall and putting it back up. Thanks for the tip.

  9. Joe Emm

    I don't know if this works or not but consider the air you're breathing as the board bakes. The maker even states it's an acrid smell. If you do it, you should find something to use outside; your lungs and health are more important than the cost of the board. The 911 First Responders are having many health problems, primarily from what they breathed.

  10. Paul Rice

    Baking the mother board in the oven! Are you kidding me. People don’t, this guy is an idiot. Stop 🛑 put a focused heat lamp on the chip for an hour or two that way you want melt the plastic connectors. Heat will melt the plastic and if it doesn’t the plastic will eventually break down and crack like glass.

  11. Matthew J Greco

    just did this on my 55LE5400 (exact same model as in this video but the 55" vs the 47" from the video) and it worked like a charm. i did use a toaster oven as i had seen in another video online so that i could do it outside rather than stinking up the whole house using my main oven…either way, thanks for this! we'll see how long it lasts!

    one note: when i first reconnected the board, one of the ribbon cables was loose and only half the screen came on (the other half was garbled). if that happens to you, try re-seating the ribbon cables at the top and make sure they're both set correctly and solidly. once i did that, everything was 100% back to normal.

  12. Andreas Pyrgos

    Eυχαριστω, δεν περίμενα να δουλέψει.. Δεν ξέρω τελικά αν είχε ήχο η LG αλλά δεν είχε καθόλου φως στην οθόνη, μετά από 10 λεπτά στους 200 βαθμούς η πλακέτα επιδιορθωθηκε παντελώς!

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