25 Replies to “Removal of a Nissan leaf battery Pack”

  1. Ian Mathieson

    Hi Jonathan, very interesting video as we don’t normally get to see a Leaf battery. On the front there’s a black tubular stub to the right of the red and orange electrical connectors. What’s the black thingy used for? Is it part of a battery cooling system?

    Many thanks.

  2. mike yonwin

    Hi Jonathan.
    Thank you for your interesting report on removing the main battery from a Nissan Leaf. (It reminds me of happy days of replacing the engine in a Ford Anglia 100E).
    Several points arise, though:-
    1. Will you be covering the new use of the battery?
    2. Will you be providing a cost analysis of “breaking” a Nissan Leaf?
    3. Do you know of a manual that describes the Nissan Leaf? (Haynes don’t appear to do one).
    Keep up the good work.

  3. Peter Seddon

    Good one Johnathan, I also have a 3Kw system on my house but at the next opportunity I intend to get a powerwall type storage battery as I cringe when I see the amount of electricity I export over the year (about 75% of my generation). I want to get it to as close to zero as possible. Not got an EV yet but that's also on my list, we do drive hybrids though.

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