Remote Controller Overview

EVO’s compact Remote Controller packs a lot of features in a small design.

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31 Replies to “Remote Controller Overview”

  1. Kris W

    You guys need to perfect your software before a release instead of Prompting us to keep updating You guys locked and disabled my drone without have to connect to the Internet now. You're turning into DJI

  2. Jess R

    I work at night and it with the Autel EVO II Dual and the screen is too bright! I wish it had an option to adjust the screen brightness on the R.C. Especially since you are selling a thermal camera that can be used during a myriad of night operations.

  3. Kent Moyer

    I just bought an Evo 2 Dual. I have flown the drone and it is excellent. I will be spending a lot of time watching & learning from these videos. Tremendous drones

  4. Alfredo Loya

    hello! is anyone else having trouble with the live video feed? When I click the DISP button, the screen on the remote control gets stuck on the loading screen and never shows me live feed. Could anyone help with that? thanks!!!

  5. Vinh Ha

    I email Evo to trade my drone to get Evo… but no body contact me..??? I thought Evo company is the best customer service like you tube peoples say…

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