Remember When Xbox One Almost Lost the Console War?

The Xbox One started with one of the worst sales pitches in gaming, but now it’s kind of hard not to love the console. But how did Microsoft make such a critical mistake and, more importantly, how has it turned that into a bright new future?

Join Kurt Indovina for this episode of Remember When as he looks back on Xbox One’s bumpy road to a roaring redemption, examining its confusing reveal, troubling rumors, and, of course, Don Mattrick. Kurt also invites fellow GameSpot friend Tamoor Hussain to give some extra insight, and why Phil Spencer was pivotal to making Xbox what it is today.

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38 Replies to “Remember When Xbox One Almost Lost the Console War?”

  1. Ishav Sethi

    Ps4 (2013) sold 108.9 million units
    Switch (2017) sold 52.48 million units
    Xbox One (2013) sold 46.9 million units
    It's safe to say that they DEFINITELY lost the war and not ALMOST.
    Source: Forbes

  2. Swordslinger1999

    I got an Xbox One X after the news of backwards compatibility while my regular vcr styled Xbox One just sits in storage in my apartment. I only use my Xbox One X solely for that reason: backwards compatibility with Xbox 360 games. Reason for that is because I stuck with Sony with the PS3 during the 7th generation I didn’t have an Xbox 360 that gen. So now I’m playing games that weren’t on the PS3 with my Xbox One X. I couldn’t care less about cloud gaming.

  3. Kazaloo

    Playstation 2 outsold Xbox. Wii and PS3 outsold Xbox 360 and both PS4 and The Switch (which was a last minute replacement for the Wii U bomb) outsold Xbox One. The Xbox has never won a console generation.

  4. Shecklesmack

    "…now it’s kind of hard not to love the console." Based on what? The fact that they don't release any worthwhile games between console releases? There was nothing interesting between Xbox One and Xbox One X, and there has been nothing interesting between Xbox One X and Xbox Series X. It's the most soulless and uninteresting console ever. "…how has it turned that into a bright new future?" Literally what?

  5. TechRyze

    Microsoft really fucked the launch of this generation up.

    They were amazing during the 360 era until Kinect happened, and they forgot about gamers completely.

    The hardcore started moving over to the PC and Steam from 2011 onwards, as the PC was delivering all of the cross platform games at 1080p60 on a system with 4-8GB RAM and a decent Nvidia or AMD card.

    This is what's nice this gen with the PS4 Pro and One X. Xbox games on the One X look fantastic by today's standards.

    The past 18 months have brought ray tracing and the like, but that kit is insanely expensive versus the One X, and will appear this year on the Series X.

    They've finally done really well, but – what a mess they made in 2013.

  6. Bene Rio

    The title is incorrect. Xbox One definitely lose the console war of its generation. They were hit hard by Playstation 4 and then the Switch come making things worse for them. But admittedly, since Phil Spencer starts taking charg Xbox sounds good again. Though their lack of exclusives making more people choosing other platform like PC.

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