15 Replies to “Recording with your Sony Bravia TV – Part 4 (model KDL 70W850B)”

  1. Asphalt Ricky

    Be aware many new Bravia TV's won't support any type of flash player. To record you need an HDD (hard disc drive) external device. Not an SSD. Something like the Seagate, WD, or Toshiba Canvio brands. PS They must be over 32GB; and they may need formating – but that's easy

  2. Farhan

    I have all my family videos in old DVD recorder the only way to get the back can burn on DVD
    but DVD burner not working.
    If I can buy this Sony Bravia TV , and play all the video through my DVD recorder, can it be recorded on USB?

  3. Karen Pouye

    Yes it can record anything playing on the tv.
    It will delete everything on your hard drive when you first set it up so make sure you use an empty drive or a drive with no important data on it. Good luck!

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