29 Replies to “Rear Tesla Model 3 Logo”

  1. M Oczakow

    Hey i1T, where did u get the red letter logo, did u make it yourself or purchased somewhere?
    I was thinking of getting one like that except an off-shade of the car for a ghost letters effect.

  2. Kyle B

    I like this, but when I get mine, I'm going to do a chrome delete and wrap all the rims, chrome parts, logo included, in matte black vinyl. I'll then be finishing it with a matte white vinyl wrap for the body.

  3. Rick Ruehl

    I thought it was alot of time for little results but after seeing it I am impressed. Tesla could take note. Great advertising for them and they should put the tesla name on the cars to really get alot of free publicity. The T logo is cute but all the cars have little logos and while I walk around and see all these stupid little icons instead of the name it makes no sense to me. Chevy has Chevy on it and everyone in the world knows it. Makes sense to just put the name on it and not some silly abstraction. A T makes no sense to someone that hasn't driven in one or have watched youtube videos on it. AFter being in marketing for 40 years the designers have lost their way in using their product. I like what you did and it should be a hell of alot easier to do it or just have it ordered from the factory. Stupid metal icon or a cool looking name like you put on. Great job.

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