24 Replies to “Real Reason Behind Huawei Indictment”

  1. Qian Xu

    To put this in perspective, Alstom's former senior executive Pierucci has recently released his book Le Piege Americain (the American trap), detailing his kidnap by FBI to bring Alstom bankruptcy, thereby helping GE.

  2. Little Wing Jhendrix

    What was mischiveously reported by fox and other western media outlets about Huawei's "theft" of T-mobile's technology is actually a rehash of a settled case by US DoJ from 2017 for optics. Its sole purpose is to allow the Trump administration to show Huawei has a history of wrongdoing in technology "theft" and trumptards like you the bragging rights when arguing.
    But if one were to look into the details of the case, a case that was settled out of court between t-mobile and huawei, it is minor and the judge on the case even ruled she didn't find any wrongdoing by huawei. The technology "stolen" has nothing to do with smartphone design or even core telecommunication technology. It's about a robotic tester, Tappy, used to test the reliability of touchscreen on smartphones which Huawei doesn't even manufacture themselves, and rather sourced from a LCD manufacturer. T-mobile is not a competitor of Huawei, but a customer of Huawei. There's no reason for Huawei to "steal" from T-mobile to gain an advantage. It's simply geopolitics being hyped up by DoJ for political optics as part of US govenement's "whole of society" war to bring down Huawei. Is that the best DoJ can do, scraping the barrel's bottom and clutching at straws to demonise Huawei ??? Sheesh !

  3. Lee M

    Unless………your names Hillary Clinton !
    then you can piss on every Law of the Land and get away with it
    in fact you can sell Uranium to a foreign entity if your Clinton and no questions asked
    or delete over 30 thousand emails " after " Congress has sent you a subpoena to
    keep and maintain ALL your emails
    or smash all the phones with a hammer if they have info that will incriminate you
    but if your not Hillary your getting indicted
    like All political systems the USA is Corrupt from top to bottom in Every Department
    but the Clintons have the most skeletons in the cupboard
    Trump on the other hand wants to dismantle the status quo agenda of the past decades
    that's why they hate him 🙂

  4. Mark Marsh

    ALL BULLSHIT … ZIONIST BULLSHIT! …. America is Israel's SLAVE. … This horse shit indictment is America beating up this corporation FOR ISRAEL because they did business with Iran, a morally OUTSTANDING NATION that Israel HATES because it has vowed to defend the Palestinians who face GENOCIDE at the hands of their Zionist OCCUPIERS.

  5. Alex Tan

    All because Huawei did not agreed to US demands to install backdoor for their surveillance, which in turns makes it difficult for NSA, CIA, etc to spy on their 5G network. Shame shame.

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