REACTING To SNES Classic SCALPERS! SNES Mini for $5000?! | RGT 85

I don’t do many REACTION videos, but I called upon the FB page to hit me with the WORST SNES Classic scalpers so I could react to their awesome ads. Stick around for the TOP 3 biggest losers in scalping of the SNES Mini as well at the end of the video!

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45 Replies to “REACTING To SNES Classic SCALPERS! SNES Mini for $5000?! | RGT 85”

  1. One Two

    The "CHILDRENS HEAVEN" game store in Victoria texas was selling a nintendo classic for $100 and I just could have walked down to best buy and get it cheaper at retail price. They tried to justify the price because of the amount of games but they obviously they knew they were caught scalping.

  2. Kisame66

    I knew a guy where I work, he bought 7 of these the day they dropped and was asking $300. He then said to me since your a friend i'll only ask $250. Long story short i'm not friends with him anymore.

  3. Ben White

    I agree. What are your (and every one else) thoughts on the ppl who are putting every snes game on it & selling them for $100-200? Same thing is going on with the nes mini.

  4. Chris

    I find this insane. And mostly for the people who pay these jacked up prices.

    I’m getting a SNES mini for Xmas 2018. It will cost normal RRP and there’s no shortage. Is it launch? No. Do I care? No. It’s a 25 year old console with games that are available through several other official and unofficial means.

    The problem here is people’s crippling sense of FOMO. If I don’t get one now I’ll miss out (you won’t, they’ll make more). But I want it now (sure, your brain is buzzing and does want it now because that’s how marketing works). But it’s a collectors item (that’s still widely available in shops a year later).

    People just need to chill. Where there’s demand companies will make more. Sure, you may miss out on opening week, but if you pay $600 for a $100 mass produced console then you’re the reason this problem exists.

  5. Reshyrah

    Hey I know it's been a year since anyone commented on this video but I finally picked myself up a SNES mini over at a local pawn shop for $75! Came in the box with a cool poster and everything. Plus the controllers fit my Wiimotes so I can play the SNES virtual console games in style! 💗 😁

  6. Shaun Nuzzo

    I offered a scalper $60 for one when their asking price was $300. Their reply "you fuckin crazy?" I said "no I'm not crazy enough to pay $300 for an $80 system, I will wait. Thanks for at least entertaining the offer."

  7. Michael Romeo

    💖@RGT85💖 Please Ask SEGA to give us A MegaDrive Min with:
    _External SD memoru card slot _E shop then we could have All Games we want.
    _external Cartidge adaptor _Licenced Games that are not available (Disney Batman games etc..)
    _Anime Mangas Licenced Games that are one of the most beautiful technically on 16 bits consoles (Yu Yu HAKUSHO Magical Taluluto etc…) _Mega CD 32X compatibility with High Storage.
    Sorry for my English

  8. ArcDevErik

    Welcome to the supply and demand you have been all too happy to enjoy the benefits of. I know it can be frustrating but if you don't want them don't buy them. You should be honest with yourself and really think about why you don't like that people have done this.

  9. Veronica Star

    Tons available.
    Maybe not day one but a few months later and you can get them for 90 from Amazon. A whole $10 more. I feel bad for the people who paid ridiculous prices

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