RDX: New 2019 Xbox Games! Xbox 2 Leak, EARLY Crackdown 3 Review Impressions! PS4 Games On Verizon

Huge 2019 Xbox Games! Xbox 2 Leak, EARLY Crackdown 3 Review Impressions! PS4 Games On Verizon, RE2
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Dont say i didn’t warn you.. crackdown 3 wrecking zone crackdown 3 review

38 Replies to “RDX: New 2019 Xbox Games! Xbox 2 Leak, EARLY Crackdown 3 Review Impressions! PS4 Games On Verizon”

  1. Rodrigo Sanay

    your videos are very interesting but im not a fan of podcasts because you talk about so much stuff that is not related of the main topic its frustrating and annoying, you should do a recap of the thing you talked about, because having to listen to an hour and a half just because you are interested in one thing is not cool at all

  2. spectre xr1

    Just cause everyone doing this streaming stuff I don't really think it's gonna be that big . Like really who Is playing god of war or halo or last of us on a tablet . I just don't see it .

  3. Relic

    RDX rocks! Thanks for another awesome podcast guys. I can’t wait for RE2 and Crackdown 3. This year is looking like it may be more insane then last year was for games! Game on!!!

  4. SheepAmongGoats

    D2 MP is trash, and MP weighs much heavier than SP IMO. I hope 3 isn't the forced CQC 4 v 4 sized maps shotgun – ammo raining from the f' sky OP long range hand cannon fest it is now. So different than what it was, even early D2.

  5. James Tomlinson

    Didn't CD Projekt Red recently say they basically have finished the game in regards to building the world and quests, so they have moved on to polishing and debugging? If they want it to be on current gen consoles they will want to release it in 2020 with next gen coming next year. At E3 we will see it on stage during Microsoft's conference. UPDATE: Took a quick search, but back in August CDPR said they can Cyberpunk 2077 from start to finish. The game can't be more than a year away.

  6. Philly Eagle

    Re-listening to the show I have to say on the Destiny thing, I've said before, No FPS FEELS as good as Destiny feels. But that's the only area Destiny excels at. I agree with Zalker 100% about the lack of feeling of progression in Destiny. That's the reason I quit. Sure, I hear its better after forsaken but the need to spend $100 just for some fixes is not something I'm interested in because there's a huge chance I'm still gonna dislike the game. Even with that though, I hope they do something new an innovative. Warframe is too good and Anthem looks too good to give Destiny any more time in it's current state

  7. red crimson102

    Exclusives are dying? Really? That's a lie, exclusives aren't going anywhere and is what drives competition, sales send differentiate themselves from everybody. Went you think xbox one fell behind this gen and Sony bolstered pass the competition? You also can't compare how music and cell phones distribute their content they are two different entities. If you guy's have been gaming as long as I have (since the 90's) you'll know how consoles work, we buy ps4 for their games just like the latter. If all consoles played the same games there would be no competition, no Nintendo, no xbox but one console. The truth is if u want to play said games you have to buy all consoles. If exclusives didn't matter Microsoft wouldn't have invested in 1st party studios. We all saw what happened when Microsoft put their games on pc right? Nobody bout an xbox they all bought pc and ps4 instead lol

  8. Nicholas Whitney

    Shady interrupting constantly on destiny is annoying the piss out of me because i agree with the argument of content. Yes there is shit to do but you can do most all of it without that special weapon and i can only do the same strike, public event, adventure so many times for nithing special. The gear isn't special in that game, it's just a collectathon. The game tries to employ mmo mechanics to keep the game alive yet doesn't have the depth of gameplay or gear system to support that model. The collecting of the all the new black armory stuff isn't necessary to do any content other than just to have it. It's lame, the gameplay is good but the content is always recycled and always repetitive. Yes WoW is a monthly subscription but destiny monetizes just the same… hell, destiny 2 has been out for a, what, 17 months and i can tell you i've spent close to $200 on it. I imagine the normal WoW player has soent similar on their game… but they have 20x's as much content. Yeah it's been out way longer but it gets exponentially more content than all of destiny 2 to date with every expansion. Demand more from them because they can give it, the moment you act like it's enough then they'll stop.

  9. Blake Cummings

    Great show guys. New subscriber. Now on that note, in regards to Destiny here's the skinny. the commit about its a sixty dollar game is incorrect. If you want to be more accurate its more then 120.00 for all the content that has come out so far, and that's if you did season passes. I do not think it is unreasonable to expect a more from a title that is requiring you to pay more then double for a typical retail game. I think Bungie will put a band-aid on Destiny 2 the best they can but the big changes wont be seen until destiny 3 comes out and removing the middle man, and money grabber (activison) which will allow for more funds to be spent on additional content. Or maybe I'm just crazy. (Full disclosure, I still play destiny 2, love that shit burger)

  10. Jay Henny


  11. Episode 13

    Why is Shady supporting Destiny so much still, it was a massive let down for many many Xbox and Bungie fans, Destiny 1 was a disgrace, 2 is not much better, it's a shame he defends it so passionately, where is the value Shady??? D2 the content and value is poor man!! Come on!!!

  12. entourage1822

    I'm calling cyberpunk 2077 for spring 2020. Just like witcher 3 which launched in may. And they did maybe announce early but they dont keep putting stuff out and havent gave a release date because they arent comfortable till they can put out a good product. I'd rather wait a longer period of time to avoid shit games like destiny 2 that just get shoveled out with no real effort put in.

  13. Dominus Mammon

    Shady you dumb. Destiny is very comparable to wow. I stopped playing because content was lacking. 1 raid per expansion is not enough. Not everybody wants to run the same 2 or 3 strikes or play pvp

  14. Remander

    Loved Shady's entitlement rant! All this bitching about games not providing enough for players is ridiculous. If you look at the amount of game you get for what you pay, it reminds me of going to the arcade as a kid. Modern day games are relatively cheap. In high school, I would spend $20 in an afternoon dropping quarters in the arcade, and that was 30 years ago! Don't expect publishers to give you a life pursuit for $60! Play multiple games! You'll avoid burnout!

  15. halofreak1990

    To add onto what @Dee Batch said about Destiny 2's financial performance; someone at Bungie came out after Activision did their announcement, and flat out rebuked Activision's statement, claiming that Destiny 2 performed as Bungie expected it to, and they would be doing none of the things that Activision was suggesting. I think, in hindsight, that was one of the signs that the split was going to happen.

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