Razer Turret for Xbox One: Unboxing & Review!

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Razer Turret for Xbox One: Unboxing & Review!
Razer Turret for Xbox One: Unboxing & Review!





25 Replies to “Razer Turret for Xbox One: Unboxing & Review!”

  1. skatterbrain

    My God I can't Stand this Dude the entire video is pretty much yelling . Not to mention him Driving me Nuts saying ACTUALLY , ACTUALLY, ACTUALLY , ACTUALLY, ever few seconds its "Actually" does This, it Actually Does that. Every thing about this Dude says ACTUALLY drove me fucking Bonkers. Because he Actually just won't stop saying Actually & Actually refuses to lower his voice . It legit drove me Fucking NUTS lol . Just talk normally about the damn product bro, stop trying to do a Imitated Youtuber voice. Then grab a Dictionary & Comprehensively study it to broaden your very limited Vocabulary Vernacular in which your needing to say "Actually" every 5 seconds or any other word along the same line such as "like", "uh" or "Um". And replace it with something that's of "Actual" intelligence.

    Seriously I do t think I've EVER been so irritated by someone's youtube video. And I believe that shows in just what kind of comment I wrote. I never leave a comment such as this . But my GOD . Seriously if he just would of talked normally not talking such as he did & in that tone , Maybe wrote a script or something to of gone off to of avoided saying that word so many times . This review may of "ACTUALLY" been Decent

    Seriously I truly apologize if this comment Is found Offensive to Anyone or even Possibly offends the the dude that made the video , but I'm leaving my Honest opinion of the video . As far as the product goes the Xbox Razor Turret is fantastic.

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