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All Videos Edited by: @DatFuzzyBearMan

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47 Replies to “Ranking Every Nintendo Console”

  1. Mollywopper

    I know so many people that have bought Wii U's recently just because of how big the game library is when you include the backwards compatibility and virtual console, it truly was an underrated console. Wish the console could of done better i have lots of good memories playing smash with my friends and waiting for the pic of the day on miiverse.

  2. Diether Roi

    Ive had nintendo consoles since i was like 8 or something and this is my list (all my consoles ranked)

    6.Nintendo 64
    4. 3ds
    3. Wii u
    2. Wii
    1. Nintendo switch

    I have a few playstation console which are the psvita and ps3 but i prefer nintendo A LOT

    (i dont have xbox consoles heheheh sorry xbox)

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