RANKING Every Game Console from BEST to WORST!

There have been some amazing systems to game on over the decades. Things like the SNES and Sega Genesis really broke new ground, but not everything was great. Lets dig into the best and worst game consoles ever in this RANKING video by DreamcastGuy!

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In this video DreamcastGuy talks about each generation of game consoles and what makes them good or bad. This starts at the Atari VCS, goes through the Sega Dreamcast and PlayStation 1 and continues to modern consoles like the Xbox 360, Ps3, and the Ps4 vs the Xbox One vs the Nintendo Switch. Each system is ranked with a score to determine which is the best. Also a lot of love is shown towards the handhelds like the Game Gear and of course the Game Boy Advance.

22 Replies to “RANKING Every Game Console from BEST to WORST!”

  1. d wayne

    Says the 3do is not a reliable system and broke all the time then proceeds to give ps1 and Xbox 360 an s grade. Those systems broke more than anything. 7 red rings with various 360s and ps1 used to have to turn upside down for it to work. If you got one scratch on a ps1 disc it wouldn't work.

  2. Ryan bachmann

    Dreamcast crazy taxi
    Sonic 2 genesis
    Tenchu ps1
    Vice city ps2
    Gamecube super sb

    All i care about I play crash on Xbox one lol idk whats wrong with me I only like da 90s stuff lol tenchu gotta be one my fave games of all time and mortal kombat and sonic and resident evil on dreamcast 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣just that stuff tho lmaoooo

  3. Samuel Layton

    Personally I could care less about the RPGs. If you're looking at a console and evaluating it, you have to look at the library as a whole. RPGs should never make or break a console, regardless of how obsessive some people are over them.

  4. Marius Amber

    Interesting how Turbografx16 was more popular in Japan than Genesis/Mega Drive, but Saturn was more popular than both… whereas here, we loved Genesis waaaay more. Mega CD had quite a few RPGs, but mostly in Japan, unfortunately, even though it was unpopular there.

  5. Mac G

    red ring of death, many hours with tech support and warranty claims. and multiabel repairs and replacements brings the 360 on a lower tier then S. still one of my favs but Gee sus fix your S*** microsoft. selling me a broken pos come on

  6. Karan Chopra

    These are always interesting cause it's crazy to see how different people opinions are. Like for me the ps3, Wii and Ds are S tier while the switch I'm not sure I'm not sure I'd say is S tier.

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