R.I.P. Nintendo 3DS | 2011-2019

I love the 3DS, despite how I rag on it compared to the Switch, but its time has come.

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33 Replies to “R.I.P. Nintendo 3DS | 2011-2019”

  1. Syntherus

    Just like every system I own, I have a vast library of unowned games. It won't be dead until I buy my last game. In fact, I'm thinking of upgrading to a 2DS XL because I plan on playing it more.

  2. Jack Son

    Fanboys need to accept it already, Pokemon's move and the Switch Lite is all the proof you need that Switch is replacing the 3DS. You're completely blind if you can't see that.

  3. Dustin Nunn

    The 3DS models that I would recommend sticking with are the original 3DS, original 3DS XL, original 2DS, New 3DS and New 3DS XL models because the rechargeable battery packs are replaceable if you accidentally overcharge them. I would avoid the New 2DS XL because the rechargeable battery cannot be replaced because the rechargeable battery is built-in. Which means, if you accidentally overcharge your New 2DS XL, then you will have to save up your money and buy another New 2DS XL, which sucks.

  4. Robert Fierce

    Real fact tho? They cancelled the 3DS because they were launching the switch. Because they knew the 3DS was FAR more portable than the switch is. Prove me wrong! Try to stick the switch in your jeans pocket! You can't. Try to carry it everywhere without scratching the fuck out of the screen or bending it to hell! You CAN'T! You need a whole suitcase to carry that with you and even then you gotta treat it as if any trepidation would destroy it instantly. Compare that to just taking your 3DS in your pocket, screen fully protected and comfortable to carry around without sharp corners or detachable bs that you gotta stick in other pockets hoping not to break it on the way in or out.

  5. Robert Fierce

    I like how people like to call the Nintendo switch a "system" or a "console" when it is in fact NEITHER of them. It's a hand held emulating device. You literally can't do shit with the switch if you don't ALSO go and buy games for it. Compare that to an actual console or a pc system. Where there are so many things to do with as soon as you plug it in.

  6. Lord_dante

    I think it could still sell for the next 4-5 years and the battery life on the switch wasn't that great so i picked up a 2ds kinda like it better then the switch when on the go plus it goes in the pocket the switch cant plus what if you got you shit jacked

  7. Nguyen Hieu

    I never forget how excited I am when I got my gameboy back in 2003 as well as I have 3ds. If you know how first love look like, that's exactly what is it. Things is never die until you want it to be.

  8. TheRich BoyGaming

    My first 3ds family system was the 2ds, then that stopped charging and I got a 3ds xl smash bros edition. Then I got the pokeball 2ds xl and transferred the data from my 3ds. Then the screen on that got destroyed and I got a new pokeball 2ds xl and transfered the data from the first 2ds xl to that one. I still have the 3ds xl and new 2ds xl.

  9. Fex Zero

    To be honest, no it’s not dead 🤦‍♂️

    I still grind on ocarina and theirs a lot of people who play it. Theirs new games coming out soon but for the mean time, idiots like you are coming out with shit saying that it’s dying. It’s just not cool bro

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