Quirky-GE Wink Spotter Unboxing and Overview

An unboxing and initial overview of the $50 general purpose Spotter sensor, a product of the Quirky/GE partnership aimed at bringing group desinged gadgets to the public.

More information about the Spotter is at:

Great Spotter feedback forum:

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  1. Robert Fair

    I did get the Spotter operating, along with a few other of their 'toys' including the EGGMINDER (what a scream). I can control lights, dimmers and eggs. Working on the thermostat tomorrow. Their instructions are a little weak, but I haven't called them (so far). I finally realize, to get the action from the Spotter that I want, I'll need to put one on the office entry door, using the magnets. The one Spotter I placed above the (costly) Wink Relay, works fine, if we have an earthquake (smile). I don't know what else I might get, as I have smoke alarms not part of the system. Like I said earlier, WINK reminds me of my Apple IIe computer, with the 5 1/4" floppy disk. It wants to grow up, it just might take a few years…

  2. Robert Fair

    Interesting, that more than a year later, the Spotter does not support motion any longer, which we my primary reason for buying it. The lights notifications were nice, but as the ambient (natural light, coming through the window) changed in the afternoon (California sun), it triggered the light notification every few seconds (for a couple of minutes) until I deleted that routine (i.e.robot). I today is 05-20-15.

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