QLED vs NanoCell: Samsung Q70R vs LG SM9000

In this video, we take a look at the brand new Samsung Q70R series side by side with the new LG SM9000 series and show you their differences.

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43 Replies to “QLED vs NanoCell: Samsung Q70R vs LG SM9000”

  1. Lobofka.

    In my eyes q70r seems better, more detailed and better colors. Maybe its just me. But unless you see them in person you cant judge anything from a video. Every eye sees different.

  2. Carlos Sant Anna

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  3. Hiron

    U8 a minute, this comparison is impossible, the LG SM9000 model is only available in 75 inches in the minimum size, while the Q70R the maximum is 65 inches.
    Yeah Got ya, he is comparing with the SM8600 and not the SM9000!

  4. Greg Griffiths

    I’ve had tons of issues with my nano cell the picture looks washed out and cloudy. colors look great but u looking to watch movies it horrible especially watching dark scenes. The colors are really great but if ur gonna watch movies on in a dark room especially with dark scenes in horror movies for get it.

  5. Nobster Lobster

    Sorry to necro an old video but I just watched the sample Bulgaria JK video being shown here on my own LG SM9000 and it looks nothing like what is being presented here. Maybe that is down to the picture settings or the camera setup. My settings are default so I'm guessing the latter if anything. Regardless if your interested in the LG SM9000 then rest assured the pictured quality does not look washed out and overly bright in parts like it does here. Now I'm not a fan of LG by any means. In fact this tv has very bad DSE and has significant blooming in HDR dark scenes but in this particular video in terms of picture quality it looks extremely good and natural and much better then what is presented. Just thought I'd set the record straight.

  6. byrdmandan

    Due to the width of my tv console I can only go with a middle stand tv. I had to replace my 5 year old 60" Vizio P series tv and could not consider the Samsung. I ordered the 65" LG Nano SM9000. I'm not a fan of the wide two feet stand format — too limiting.

  7. él iluminador

    El Samsung exede la iluminación y el contraste, el LG es más equilibrado y consigue mayor definición de color y profundidad en la escena
    A primera vista creemos que el Samsung tiene mejor imagen pero el LG consiguió más naturalidad 🤔🧐

  8. nasos sarikas

    How about picture quality in a dark room?How is LG is doing in that scenario?The worse uniformity and grey blacks will be very visible to the point that they will distract you from the viewing experience…Or am i wrong?

  9. Everythingbr

    Stop the video between 3:333:35 and look at the clouds , especially left upper corner with mountain sky horizon. and please look the details of rocks near the path. Samsung is 100% has more information than LG. Someone said : LGSM9000 has theoretically have everything but still lacks of image quality..Again stop at @ 1:49 and look at the right upper windows details. We have a sure winner here Samsung Q70R..

  10. peeteerpaan

    Samsung lacks Dolby Vision and Dolby atmos which is very sad. HDR10+ has very little content and you only get hdr10 at best. Also Disney/20th century fox have signed with Dolby Vision and ditching HDR10+. And Netflix dosent support HDR10+. Etc… Too bad Samsung cant seem to let Dolby in. I was thinking buying Samsung but I think I will go with LG now. Cant seem to find a good reason to stick with samsung since they are in a losing war with hdr10+ against dolby vision.

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