Q800 soundbar: Perfect match for QLED | Samsung

Enjoy a full cinematic experience by pairing your Samsung QLED TV with the Q800 Soundbar.

It’s designed to immerse you into the virtual worlds you’re watching by working with your QLED TV’s audio system and optimizing to your content. Easily control it all with your voice — Alexa is ready to help.

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45 Replies to “Q800 soundbar: Perfect match for QLED | Samsung”

  1. SeaSesh

    I don't like the fact they start to integrate some of the soundbar features into the TV to force you into the ecosystem. But the bar looks great nontheless

  2. crowe286

    But Samsung is the screen still plastic that scratches easily with daily use. Its a shame all mobile items are now delegated disposable items after a few yrs with battery life.

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