PUBG PS4 Review (Graphics, Controls, & Gameplay)

PUBG PS4 just launched and today I’m doing a full review of the game. Keep in mind that I have played 800 hours of PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS on PC and got more chicken dinners than I can count. For console, I play a lot of CoD as well so I’m in a good position to review this game. I talk about maps, graphics, content, controls, settings, and overall PUBG PS4 gameplay.

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32 Replies to “PUBG PS4 Review (Graphics, Controls, & Gameplay)”

  1. Sejuani

    Newbies in fortnite will never enjoy the game at all! The lack of tier system makes it really difficult for newbies to last long or even get a single kill since youre playing with pros.. learning should be progressive thats why id ratherplay pubg than fortnite..

  2. Jaae 123

    I've always played on mobile, so for me this looks really great! (Good thing I'm used to mobile graphics.) So really, I don't get what you are getting at. Pc has always been more powerful than console, so it isn't a fair comparison in my opinion.

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