36 Replies to “PS5 DualSense | 21 Things You Didn't Know about the PlayStation 5 Controller”

  1. error machine

    I use the built in mic and speaker for warzone and it works awesome! No headset, wires, nothing. When I play I can just talk and listen and still use my 7.1 surround without earpieces distorting it. It's almost like my party members are right in the room too.

  2. Matt Hayward

    Acts as though it was never possible to press R1 and R2 at the same time lmfao @1:55 literally the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. I genuinely feel like the people who make these videos have never actually touched a video game. Baffling

  3. Jluna Play's

    I have held a ps5 controller it feels like an Xbox one controller which is what I like because I didn’t like how the ps4 controller grips where more uhhh idk how to explain it but I just didn’t like it

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