PS5 “5X More Powerful Than Xbox One X” | PlayStation 5 Radeon VII GPU Support | Really?…

PS5 is 5X More Powerful Than “Xbox One X” | PlayStation 5 also ‘Supports’ Full Radeon VII GPU Tech according to site | This information sounds absolutely insane!
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41 Replies to “PS5 “5X More Powerful Than Xbox One X” | PlayStation 5 Radeon VII GPU Support | Really?…”

  1. Agumon5

    I don't honestly care about performance as much as I care about the quality of the games. Xbox better bring the heat with regard to first party exclusives. They also need to get more support from Japanese developers, as the lack of JRPGs on Xbox basically doubles the amount of exclusives on Playstation, something that shouldn't happen given the fact most of these are 3rd party developers form Japan. I love my Xbox, but Playstation completely destroyed this generation with exclusive games. I even ended up buying a PS4 as well BECAUSE there were so many games I just couldn't play on the Xbox.

  2. cas home

    The reason why the gtx 1060 and rx 580 had low framerates at 4k is because they maxed out to ultra settings. The xbox one x version was not maxed out at all from the lack of power. Example, kill flooring 2 can only run at 1800p vs a rx 470 could run the game maxed out on uiltra at 2k resolution at 60 frames…

  3. Frank ROGI

    is not xbox games, is Microsoft games and that is big difference because i can play all those game on my PC with controller plug in PC and PC plugged in TV and that is the best ''XBOX'', and PS4 games i can play only on PS4, big difference because all good game with best graphic and gameplay is trough PC, simple question is why to buy next gen xbox and pay subscriptions over PS5?? NO GOOD REASON, BEST XBOX IS PC 😉

  4. Lord Nefarious

    So ps5 is only going to be 5x more powerful? I mean u realize it's the next gen consoles one x is this one…. So ur saying the one x is just 5x weaker than the best ps is going to give it's fan boys the pos5

  5. Codhacker20121 Banggotdoze

    PS4 better than x an hers why read PS4 is way more organized for one everything is right in front of me I don't half a look for 15 God damn seconds tryna find a downloaded game or my other games it's all right there in front of me for PlayStation also PlayStation is better when it come to putting a movie in your console you put a movie disk in the PS4 it will play right away you put one in the Xbox it won't play unless you download blue ray LMFAO an if you don't have internet ya fucked LMFAO also PS4 is better when it comes to controllers it's 2019 an Microsoft still has not made its own battery inside there controller nah instead buy some batteries kid LMFAO buy 15 dollar battery pack that's so fucking a waste a money an gas an energy also PlayStation has way many more games Xbox only has the basics lol Halo an gears of war so TF what the best 2 fucking games Sony has way more than that shit also PlayStation has been in the lead for like 5 years correct me if I'm wrong but it was in the lead for a while than Xbox makes the Xbox one x an for all that time they come up with a tiny bit better graphics LMFAO funny thing is some of the PS4 pro games are looking better graphics the the x funny af also PS4 has sold way more then Xbox an Xbox is also ass that you gotta have Xbox ear pods you can't use apple ear buds you can't use beats on your xbox one controller you can't use no headphones or earbuds unless they say Xbox LMFAO also if you don't have that audio injack on your xbox controller best go buy a headset adapter with a headset LMFAO see PS4 I don't have these problems an why would I buy a Xbox with these problems so fucking stupid also ya can't play free games without having a Xbox one card really LMFAO I'm free I have a Xbox one ik this ya can't play a free game unless you have Xbox live gold PS4 you don't need a MF card u can play any free game with out psplus so Xbox can suck dick

  6. Jared Garbo

    Although I agree that it ill use an APU I think it's unlikely to be a regular monlithic die. Instead I think NeXbox and PS5 will use Zen Chiplet+IO die+Custom Navi due to the cost benefits.

  7. NoahThomas29

    This story is clearly false. everyone knows that PS5 will have 128GB of HBM5 ram at 8GHZ, A 10TB NVME SUSSD (super ultra solid state drive), Threadripper 64 core 4990WX at 8.2GHZ with custom water cooling to keep it running at minus 40 degrees, And a 85 TFlop GPU!

    Silly article!

  8. Randomthingz2show Randomthingz2show

    I swear,if next gen still can't run at a stable-to-locked 60fps in most games at whatever resolution it runs it at then I'm permanently moving to pc.30fps is okay for movie games like mainly Sony exclusives but multiplats should be at least 60fps or a solid 30fps (something 8th gen consoles struggle to do.

  9. Dave Newman

    I have friends who work in the gaming industry… and they already have the builds for PS5 and XBox… the Xbox is better. Not exponentially… just faster, higher constant frame rate, and more consistent 4k scaling..

    Both platforms will present up to 10k… just the actual resolution is being scaled… 8k destroys video cards…

  10. soonme7

    I'm a PC gamer but I bought my ps4 pro for exclusive games. I'm not trying to hate on xbox but they need to get better exclusives so that people will buy the system

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