PS4 Safe Mode

Learn how to access and use the Safe Mode menu on your PlayStation 4 system. Safe Mode options may help to restore functions to a PS4 that cannot start up properly. It is recommended that you back up files before using some Safe Mode options.

Sections of this video:
Getting to Safe Mode: 0:30
1. Restart System: 1:07
2. Change Resolution: 1:12
3. System Update: 1:37
4. Default Settings: 1:50
5. Rebuild Database: 2:09
6. Initialize PS4: 2:45
7. Initialize PS4 (Reinstall System Software): 3:48

To learn about backing up saved games, please visit:

To learn about backing up installed games, please visit:

To learn about reinstalling PS4 system software, please visit:

To learn about getting service for a PS4 system, please visit:

For additional information, please visit the PlayStation Knowledge Center at

39 Replies to “PS4 Safe Mode”

  1. Eli H

    my ps4 said that the data was corrupted then i restarted it and it was fine but for some reason i had to reinstall all of my games but i had all of my data on it

  2. MasVlogs

    Mine says a serious error has occurred in the system software.And then it says the PS4 will restart. BUT, When I press the ps4 controller button, it just makes a blink and I can’t press ok. I just want to play games and watch, please help cuz yesterday I’ve been trying to fix it about almost like 2 hours

  3. James Ward

    Finally managed to fix this problem, the only way that worked was to initialise the PS4, once it initialised it reset my PS4 so brand new basically, it also set all the settings to default. It gives the option to download version 6.72 onto a USB which I did, then it said something like ‘this will no all users,’ I know what your thinking, it won’t completely delete your user off PSN, it basically just signs you out (then I signed back in) now you then can also log back into your PSN and everything like (your friends, community’s, trophies) are still there. All you have to do is redownload all your games that had previously installed which can be annoying I know but it’s worth it. Now my PS4 is fixed, hope this helped some of you guys fix your problem 🙂

  4. Hepburns

    Should have not switch to ps4. it is such a mistake. never had any issues like this when im on xbox. now im gonna redownload those massive game updates on 2k20 again. had this stupid console for less than a month but im already having this problem. what a hassle

  5. PH1Alex Adams

    Ok so you told us how to access safe mode but what do you do when it goes into safe mode step 7 by its fn self i unplugged it to play some ps3 and thats exactly what happened when i came back to it

  6. Freeway

    Ugh! I'm not able to get to the options page. It goes from
    "connect a USB storage device…"
    "the USB storage device is not connected (su-4133-4)"
    even after I've connected the controller.

  7. Steve Burton

    Will doing the default setting restart help with resetting passwords? I cant create a new user because I cant remember system restriction passcode.will this reset it to the default "0000" ?

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