PS4 Pro Noise Test and Comparison vs. PS4, and PS4 Slim.

So we just recently checked out how quiet the PS4 Slim is, but how about this so-called ‘professional’ PS4. Does he make a lot of noise? Does he bother you while you blissfully blast away your enemies in whatever game you might be playing? Does he heckle you like some sort of high school bully? Stop reading and start watching to find out you weirdo.

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46 Replies to “PS4 Pro Noise Test and Comparison vs. PS4, and PS4 Slim.”

  1. Luis Playz

    If you want a not super loud sound PS4 get ps4 slim it is the only really good no loud play station and if your ok with a bit of loud noise go with PS4 pro this is my opinion you can do whatever you want ok bye

  2. Retro Brain

    Love both the Slim and Pro. But I would prefer the Pro for 60 fps performance on certain games. Don’t know how trusty is the Pro’s durability playing for long hours though. Anyone with the Pro who can tell me?

  3. unpolarize

    My new Pro is about as loud as the Slim in the video. I think it has something to do with the newer Pro models they made. It’s nothing like my original PS4 where the loud fan would constantly pick up, slow down, and pick up again with a very obnoxious coil whine.

  4. Andi Hia

    I wont deny PS4 pro has noisy fan but it understable for the colling system, as long using a fan, it create noise. Mostly people notice the loud sound if they upgrade from ps slim, that happen to me, bit lil shocked compare it with slim. After sometimes i get use to it and i dont think the fan is loud anymore. Ensure your room's air circulate well, i notice the fan start speed up at the same time i feel my room getting warmer

    I wont sell it and buy other console since i want to play gow, uc, and all playstation exclusive (also because only sony has service center in my country)

  5. Virtual Reality

    My original PS4 got so hot I was able to keep my home heating system off when in use. Saved me heating $$$! Now I have a PS4 slim, but at least I don't feel like I'm living in an airport every time I turn it on now.

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