PS4 Exclusives Vs. Xbox One Exclusives | Versus

We pit the PS4 and Xbox One’s range of exclusive games against each other in a fight to the death. Resident experts Lucy James and Oscar Dayus battle it out to figure which console comes out on top.

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42 Replies to “PS4 Exclusives Vs. Xbox One Exclusives | Versus”

  1. Jude Busalacchi

    Bro you should have just said which has more exclusives xbox: halo, gears, forza, and um other stuff
    ps4: 😐 we have
    horizon zero dawn
    ratchet and clank
    the last of 1 and 2
    god of war
    until dawn
    The ghost of Tsushima
    the last guardian
    the order 1886
    Detroit: becomes human
    days gone

  2. Wild Style

    PlayStation: I have more exclusives
    Xbox: whatever I have halo and other exclusives too
    PlayStation: ha ha ha ha ha yeah right!
    Xbox: 😞 just forget about it
    PlayStation: all your games are on PC too
    Xbox: 😤 I’m leaving

  3. Ayaan Ali

    If you haven't played or seen or herd the storyline of the previous god of war then you shouldn't play the recent one I mean you could but you won't feel the game that well

  4. GridUpGoofer

    Playstation has:God of War,Uncharted,Rachet and Clank,Jak and Daxter,Last of Us,Bloodborn,Spiderman,Horizon Zero,Fall Guys(Im counting that since all of you count Xbox and Pc exclusives too),Detroit Become Human
    and Many More Exclusives Packs For Video Games
    The Only Good Games Xbox Has Are:Halo,Forza and Gears of War

  5. BoostGlitch 357

    unpopular opinion: I prefer the Xbox exclusives

    I know playstation has WAY more, but the only one that actually looks like a game that I'm sad to be missing out on is Spiderman. Xbox has better exclusives for me, quality before quantity

  6. Naufal Khairullah

    incase u didnt believe opinion, here is the only data out there (top 3 sales)

    xbox exclusive
    Halo 5 : 5 million copies
    cuphead : 3 million copies
    gears of war 4 : 2,7 million copies

    ps4 exclusive
    uncharted 4 : 16 million copies
    spiderman : 13,2 million copies
    god of war and The last of us : 10 million copies each

    some might says slaes mean nothing. then what kind of thing that really has meaning ? rating and review is just an opinion

  7. Thirsted Pelican

    Tbh, I got Xbox cuz my friends play it but if I had known everything, and PS4 has way more exclusives I wouldv got the PS4, but in the end I wish something could Happen where they could combine and there can stop being exclusives so everyone could play.

  8. joe_rbxYTTVVEVOGamer420XD

    I know this is biased but this is every good and great exclusive on Xbox and is absolutely worth checking out:

    Gears Of War Games
    The Forza Games
    The Halo Games
    Rare Replay
    Sea Of Thieves
    Quantum Break
    Sunset Overdrive
    The State Of Decay Games
    Ori Games
    Hello Neighbor
    The Dead Rising Games
    Plants Vs. Zombies Garden Warfare
    The Escapists
    The Long Dark
    Plague Inc.: Evolved
    We Were Here Too

  9. Tea in Korea

    everyone is ssying ps wins I guess bc you all have a ps. i have neither and I'm just looking around online to see what to get (i have no preference since I haven't used either) but this dude did not convince me one bit. no clue if its great but…. the comments are more compelling than this guy

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