PS Vita/PSP Emulator All In One Packs 2020! 🎮👾 (SNES/Sega/NES/GBA + More) #HENkaku #PSP #PSVita

Hello everyone, welcome back to my channel for today’s video I’ll be teaching you guys on how to successfully setup this all in one emulator roms pack for both the PlayStation Vita & as well for the PSP. For this process both of your devices needs to be exploited in some shape or form such as with Custom firmware, or and tethered exploit like “HENkaku” for Vita or “Infinity” for PSP.
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0:00 – Introduction & Prerequisites
4:02 – PlayStation Vita Installation & Setting Up (FTP/USB) Transferring With VitaShell
5:36 – Verifying the Emulation Packs
5:38 – Setting Up FileZilla FTP Client To Transfer The Emulators
8:37 – Verifying That Our Emulators Successfully Transfer + Launching Adrenaline
10:51 – Part 2: PSP Installation & Setup & Connected to the PC
11:20 – Verifying the Emulation Packs For PSP + Transferring
13:45 – Checking that our games successfully installed!
16:03 – Outro

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★ Prerequisites For Vita:

• A Modded PS Vita that is already hacked *Trinity/HENkaku/H-Encore/H-Encore²*
• 3.60-3.73 FW
• VitaShell
• Latest build of Adrenaline.
• PSP/Vita Emulator Pack
• Optional: FileZilla FTP Client
• Optional: USB Charging Cable

★ Prerequisites For PSP:

• A PSP that is modified with custom firmware “PRO/LME 6.61 are examples.” 1000/2000/3000/GO are compatible with this method.
• PSP/VITA Emulator Pack.
• PSP USB Data-cable/charging cable


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➤ All In One Emulator Pack:
➤CSP1PSP (Capcom Play System 1):
➤ CSP2PSP (Capcom Play System 2):
➤ DaedalusX64 (Nintendo64):
➤ gpSP (Gameboy Advance):
➤ Homer’s Rin (Game Boy Color):
➤ Masterboy (Sega Master System/Game Gear):
➤ MVSPSP (Neo Geo):
➤ NesterJ (NES):
➤ Picodrive (Sega Genesis/Megadrive):
➤ Snes9xTYL (Super NES):

PS Vita:

➤ Adrenaline:
➤ 6.61.PBP:
➤ VitaShell:
➤ FileZilla FTP Client:


★ Credits:

➤ PSP Devs


★ Video Credits:

➤ Nagato Revenge: For making this guide and tutorial!


★ Music Credits:

➤ Nagato Revenge – Jiggy Cat


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37 Replies to “PS Vita/PSP Emulator All In One Packs 2020! 🎮👾 (SNES/Sega/NES/GBA + More) #HENkaku #PSP #PSVita”

  1. diebesgrab

    For some reason, several CPS2 games just cause my PSP-3000 to crash on trying to load them. Mars Matrix and most of the fighting games just refuse to work, I've even tried using versions of a few of those ROMs from outside the pack, which either likewise crash the system or say there are missing files. Anyone have any experience with that sort of problem? Using the latest LME firmware with Infinity 2.0 on 6.60 ofw.

  2. Patrick Horan

    Hey man, great tutorial! Can you help me with the NES emulator? Everything is where it should be but when I load the emulator, the screen where the ROM's should be is blank, despite them being in the proper ROM folder. Any thoughts?

  3. junior cook

    Great video brother,only problem i gave is when I go to transfer the rom pack into the Game folder im getting there is not enough space on the USB drive..I have a 256gb sd2vita

  4. Nico The Bear

    Can’t get the SNES emulator to work. Loads the rom list then when I go to play a game it says “Default Settings Loaded” and just crashes. I’m on firmware 3.68 on Vita with Adrenaline 6.61 running.

  5. TEKK

    HI, great pack, just have a problem with nes. Although al roms are visible in vitashel, in emulator there are no roms. Can i ask for some help ? thanks 🙂

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