Prince Philip, 97, Crashes While Driving – LIVE COVERAGE

97-year-old Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, was involved in a car crash today while driving his Range Rover. Get the latest details in our LIVE COVERAGE.

Prince Philip, the husband of Queen Elizabeth II, was uninjured in the crash, but his car ended up on its side. The accident happened when the Duke of Edinburgh was pulling out of a driveway onto the A149 road, near Sandringham Estate in Norfolk. In this interactive live stream, host Steve Lookner brings you the latest updates on the car accident involving 97-year-old Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh, and he’ll also read your comments and questions on the air!

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38 Replies to “Prince Philip, 97, Crashes While Driving – LIVE COVERAGE”

  1. Richy Stewart

    Fucking idiot, he should be banned and charged, but he probably wont, because hes royal, absolute joke! he was spotted today driving a new landrover without a seatbelt on, come on guys lock this old fucker up!

  2. Robert Binstead

    think on this….what a great selling point for the other car driver now they can see the kia with royal patronage, see it on ebay….hopefully the royal pillock will have his licence taken away, or maybe he can be the next james bond with a licence to kill


    My words entirely ?? (Who)let the Duke Out Matt Smith maybe as hes on another planet Is it one rule for us and another for them royals ?Too damn old and less alert on the roads Hes Duke of Hazzard to any public highway Get off the road now Unbelievable

  4. glitter sunflower

    update *
    Prince Philip suffered 'no injuries of concern' in the car smash on a 60mph A-road, Buckingham Palace said
    He visited the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in King's Lynn today but has now returned to the Sandringham estate
    Norfolk Police investigating Duke's crash as it emerged royal was driving without personal protection officer
    Prince Philip was 'conscious but very shocked and shaken' after crashing his Land Rover near Sandringham 
    Two women with nine-month-old baby in back of their Kia smashed into the side of his armoured Land Rover  
    Experts have warned of the dangers of older drivers getting behind wheel amid rise in over 70s DVLA tests
    Buckingham Palace says Philip's licence is up to date – but friends say he will give it up if Queen asks him to

  5. terry hutton

    If he is pulling out the driveway, the other driver has the right of way on the main drag, even if the other driver is speeding, sounds like he has poor judgement of speed and distance.

  6. guy

    i heard him say i want a new range rover sport, she said no, he said im going to total this one, and im going down the pub. then he said wash up and take those bleeding dogs out, and it all went titts up .

  7. The Modelator

    The Queen is almost 93 and she is regularly seen at her Barmoral estate driving a very old short wheel based land rover.
    I definitely wouldn't attempt to tell either of them to stop driving, you just might hear the famous words,,, Orf with his head 🙂
    If he was pulling out of the opening, the other car must have been driving like mad to overturn a rangerover.

  8. jimmy johnstone

    Was he given a breath test? An eye test? If he emerged from the Sandringham estate road onto the main road then he is guilty of failing to way, a contravention of Section 3 of the Road Traffic Act 1988. He was driving… there is no mention of him having a protection officer in the vehicle with him. If he was alone then speculation is that he was on his way to meet his long term girl friend.

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