Prevent water damage with Dome! | Z-Wave Plus Leak detector, Water Main Shutoff, and MORE

The Dome products are not your typical z-wave devices, they all boast an exceptional set of features. After the price decrease, I’d say most of them are well worth it, especially for the “flood insurance.”

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Dome On/Off outlet with energy monitoring:
Dome Leak Sensor with Remote Probe:
Dome Water Shut-Off Valve:
The Mouser:
Dome Motion Detector – Light Sensor – Magnetic Mount:
Dome Home Security Siren and Chime:
Dome Door/Window Sensor:

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15 Replies to “Prevent water damage with Dome! | Z-Wave Plus Leak detector, Water Main Shutoff, and MORE”

  1. GR G

    I installed the codes for the power on/off plug and installed the on/off switch on my ST. However, I am not seeing all of those same screens that you show in your video. Any suggestions?

  2. dahur

    Just got my dome water shut off today. The instructions say to install it on the pipe first, then pair it. Well that's probably good if you're near your router. I'm not and mine wouldn't pair. So I had to uninstall it (PITA), take it in the room with my router, and it paired right away. I had bent the clamps up putting them on, they're actually too big, IMO. I was fighting with them to reinstall, so I used a couple black tie wraps on the top slots to hold it in place, and got the bottom clamp to take. I ended up leaving the tie wraps on, pretty sure it'll be okay.
    Thanks for tips on going to Smartthings home monitor. I would have eventually figured it out, but it was easier to just follow your directions. I have leak sensors under my hot water heater, and one under my washer. And they both shut off my main valve when triggered. And send me a text message. Success..!

  3. aneye4aneye977

    I really wish you would not have edited out the part about pairing with ST or the status light on the valve shut off. Mine just blinks. And is not going into pair mode. Your editing makes it appear to magically connect on the first try. BS

  4. sgtsmurfkiller

    I use the Smartthings Water Leak Sensors and they work great as well. You got me interested in the valve because by the time a leak sensor goes off it could cause alot of damage until you drive home to turn the valve off. I do have a washer on my second floor so that would be very ugly as well. Thanks again for the cool video!

  5. John Chan

    Wow, gr8 review on the h2o sensor & the zwave valve shutoff. Gr8 app review on the smartthing app on the individual items, show t features within the app eg: no temp sensor on the contacts but has lux sensor on the motion sensor. Thx 4 sharing on the internet.

  6. Rene Lewis

    I just install the shut off valve in my home and in my sisters home. I used the SmartThings leak sensors as they were cheaper but works the same. I have 5 sensors in my basement and 3 in hers. In 2013 my hot water heater burst while I was at work filling my basement with 4" of water and an insurance claim of 10k. I wish the mouser wasn't so expensive. Great videos.

  7. Tom Fontaine

    Another great video Drew. Thanks much. I notice most of their sensors have the cr123 style battery – that would seem to be a big plus … I have a number of samsung and Xiaomi sensors with CR2450 batteries and those are good for maybe 6 months – the sensors I have with the CR123s seem good for 2 years – so from now on I will favor sensors with that larger battery. Again, good job – keep the vids coming. The door chime one would be a good one to explore -I have an Aeotec not bad but would be good to have much more programmability .

  8. Michael H

    Excellent review. I appreciate your review it will help me make decisions on my next purchases. I love the water shut off, could come in handy with the cold climate I live in (no water line breaks, but it could happen)

  9. David S.

    Lots of great info!
    I was wondering, was your Main Water Shutoff Valve easy to turn by hand (little to no resistance)?

    Thanks again for showing and testing everything for us!

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