Prevent BURN IN on LG OLED’s with this one tip!

How you can prevent burn in on LG OLED,s with this one simple tip.
TV used is a 2020 65 inch LG CX OLED.

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38 Replies to “Prevent BURN IN on LG OLED’s with this one tip!”

  1. Michael Harris

    Good tip that… Why the hell they feel it necessary to display these logo's constantly is beyond me… We have just pushed the button on the tele menu to arrive at the channel… So why the hell do we need a CONSTANT reminder informing us where we are.

  2. Manny

    that's great and all, but you cant do that for gaming; example Destiny 2, Forza etc where there are static images which are important info like ammo count, or which gear you're in etc.

  3. Mr. Delano

    Hey tech giant, I got my 77inch CX Oled yesterday. And I won the panel lottery .. 5, 10, and 20 percent clean panel ! Just wanted to share that bit of info . I love the tv it’s huge I already watched a movie on it . Can’t wait for football on Sunday 🤣. Also even though this is my third Oled I can appreciate the tips and tricks .

  4. Javoy Johnson

    hey i only game alot or watch youtube,hulu,netflix i dint watch cable but i be on my tv 12 hours a day with hulu,netflix,youtube and on my ps5 will none of these stuff affect burning screen or is it just local cable tv ??

  5. N Rudd

    Can’t wait to bin our LG OLED.
    Flesh tones in the middle of the screen now appear blue because repeated faces centre-screen have burned the red pixels, and the GMB logo is permanently burned into the bottom left of the screen.
    OLED is great while it lasts, but I want my TV’s to last more than a year. In my opinion the poor burn in susceptibility makes the technology unfit for purpose.

  6. sifis flisk

    On my b6 I got a bunting in about 3 months from Chanel logo..they changed thanks lg and gave me the b8 since then never had an issue I use it all day have for about one and half year.. …games, movies ,tv…. obviously they improved the panels ….earlier lg panels may been prone to burn more easily…keep in my mind I have the preventions settings for the static logo on and the automatic option for the tv to close on its own 4 hours so it can rest and then after half an a hour I open it again…also on daily tv viewing I don’t have the oled brightness over 60…only in gaming and movies I have the panel brightness higher like 80….

  7. Henry Cruz

    That's stupid! You don't need "work around" just set it to have the pixels shift.
    Are you the only one that haven't seen the reviews of how using it for years wont burn it??? Ridiculous!

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