45 Replies to “Pragmata – Announcement Trailer | PS5”

  1. ayouknowzyoutuba

    People have to realize that a lot of game 'Artist work and have contracts between studio's. This is why it's important to read the credits. I see a lot of people comparing the concept to others games. Well of course, it's the gaming industry.

  2. sera la unica vez que veran la tierra desde la luna ,, o donde sea que esten v: , manga de mentirosos la NASA v: 2:04 ,ya salen estos juegos lavacerebros programadores .

  3. vishnu hi


  4. Judgement0s

    Everyone is talking about the girl's PS3/360-era hair or the Death Stranding style of trailer, but I'm just completely confused as to how this man ended up all the way at the moon. Like, they started at skyscraper height at best, then suddenly were in the stratosphere, then space, then just chillin on the moon.

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