PowerVision PowerEgg X Wizard Review – Part 1 – Modular Waterproof Drone [Unboxing Setup & Updating]

Enjoy my in-depth PowerEgg X Wizard edition part 1 drone review. Get it here

The PowerEgg X has the potential to shake up the market with it’s All-in-One land and air modular waterproof camera design. Join me as we explore what it is capable of in-depth.

My Tried and True Gear that works:
Drone Launch Pad
One+ 6T Phone – Fly App Never Crashes
Apple Ipad Air 2
DJI Action 4K Hat Cam
Sony 4K Action Hat Cam
DJI Osmo Pocket 4K Tracking Cam
Lumix G7 Unboxing Cam
Portable Body MIC
SD Card for all 4K Recording that lasts
3D Printable SD Card Tool
Portable Compact Table
Portable Chair with built-in Sunshade
Full Featured Mobile Power Station
Wrist Watch

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– Dustin & Family
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46 Replies to “PowerVision PowerEgg X Wizard Review – Part 1 – Modular Waterproof Drone [Unboxing Setup & Updating]”

  1. mrguitman99

    WOW! This little guy really has some versatility. Cant wait for you to explore and exploit every single version of this cam/drone. I'm very interested. Love the depth and detail you give on the products.


    Very Cool. The floaties are for the snow also. Captain Drone flies in the Winter and the Egg did a great job in the cold. Nice in-depth coverage…looking forward to the flying and other features of this drone.

  3. 2650josh

    Another great video.

    I just cant get past the egg look for these drones.
    Flying and landing a big egg near me, I'd be embarrassed…. and more so walking around with a big egg strapped to my hand haha

  4. sputniksam

    Hi Dustin
    I’ve had the PEX for a couple of weeks and I’m getting more impressed the more I use it. My experience didn’t start off too great though as it would not show the live video feed on my Samsung phones. I dug deeper and it was the GPU in my S6 and S7. I swapped to a Huawei P30Lite and everything was great. Concerning the no map issue. I found this to be an issue with V2.0.8 of the APP if downloaded from the Google Play Store. If you downloaded it direct from their website the map worked fine. I was beta testing V2.0.9 last week and the battery firmware. I think they’ve now made this version available on their website now and the Play store. One of the issues on the Beta APP was the forward OA, it was just too sensitive identifying obstacles 10m away and stopping forward flight. When switching from AI to normal in drone mode the camera would not recenter and the drone had to be power cycled. Another issue with the Android APP was the inability to replay the log files.

    Even with these teething problems I’m still impressed with the performance it handles great, even in adverse conditions. I flew it in 20mph+ winds and it didn’t protest in the slightest.

    I look forward to your flight and compulsory range test. Here in the UK it has been limited in range to comply with our RF power requirements. I managed around 1km of video range even though I still had full control.



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