PowerVision PowerEgg X Waterproof Kit Ocean Flight Test Review – Flight & CRASH Test! – Ocean Proof?

Enjoy my PowerEgg X WaterProof Kit Ocean Flight Test Review as we go In Depth on how it performs! Get it here

The PowerEgg X has the potential to shake up the market with it’s All-in-One land and air modular waterproof camera design. Join me as we explore what it is capable of in-depth.

My PowerEgg X Playlist HERE:

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– Dustin & Family
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29 Replies to “PowerVision PowerEgg X Waterproof Kit Ocean Flight Test Review – Flight & CRASH Test! – Ocean Proof?”

  1. Peter Horner

    Great video but I wouldnt be buying one of those. The camera footage recorded within the waterproof shell gives everything a blue tint which isn't good. Battery life not great, flaws with the drone not detecting the waterproof shell etc…nah, not for me. Great video though, really enjoyed it

  2. Rowan Design aka Flameskid

    Loves your reviews mate, but im curious. Do you buy these drones with your own money or are these sent to you? Also do you keep them after you review them, or do you send them back/sell them? I would like to think you just have a storage locker full of expensive drones, lol.

  3. clion520

    You have to download off line maps on android for my HolyStone being there is no internet connection I would think Apple probably has a forced offline maps storage.

  4. HoogVaals

    I miss your videos Dustin, they are my relaxing end, super long ones especially. 🙂 Saw people talking about some hurricane D: . If its in Your vicinity, stay strong.

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