PowerVision PowerEgg X Maiden Flight Test Review – In Depth with Pros & Cons

Enjoy my PowerEgg X Maiden Flight Test Review as we go In Depth on how it performs including a Pros & Cons! Get it here

The PowerEgg X has the potential to shake up the market with it’s All-in-One land and air modular waterproof camera design. Join me as we explore what it is capable of in-depth.

My PowerEgg X Playlist HERE:

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– Dustin & Family
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20 Replies to “PowerVision PowerEgg X Maiden Flight Test Review – In Depth with Pros & Cons”

  1. Nick

    Your reviews are amazing! I like how you go in-depth and it leaves us no question on whether to buy the drone or not. Amazing job. Please do a PowerVision PowerEgg review as well. That drone is a bit old though.

  2. Oliver Von arx

    So the cam seems to be the weakest part of this thing; otherwise it flies very precise and fast. It looks like i imagined the original egg would (size wise)…
    Nice test, very thoroughly. 👌

    Oh, btw i subscribed – 3rd video of yours i watched (first was that amazing 4G island hopper flight – amazing!!).

  3. Ziggy Boyz

    I can see like a vignette effect in the footage. Did you put that in post edit or it's the drone actual footage. Anyway nice review but honestly this drone is kind of hhmmm… Keep your fun review flowing Dustin 👊😎

  4. adamtinweb

    That video pausing almost looks as if its caused by processor overloading when its running calculations doing the person tracking. Was it video pausing when you were just in normal flight mode?

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