PowerVision PowerEgg X First Flight and Impressions

My Gear:
Inspire 2:
Mavic 2 Pro:
Mavic 2 Pro ND Filters:
Parrot Anafi:
Sony a7 III:
Sony GM 16-35 f2.8 lens:
Variable ND Filter:
Camera Mic:
Studio Mic:
Joby Gorillapod:
Goal Zero Sherpa PD:
iPad Mini 5:
Osmo Action:
SD Cards:
Micro SD Cards:


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47 Replies to “PowerVision PowerEgg X First Flight and Impressions”

  1. scifan 3

    Hey Billy,

    Thank you for all of your informative drone videos! I was wondering maybe you could do a video about the FAA part 107 recurrent test? Just to give all of us drone pilots a refreshment on what is expected?



  2. Geezer Life

    I am leaving this same comment in everyone's comment section of the skydio2 video creators that I have been following and subscribe to since October 2019.

    Some of you have already sold yours …. some have kept theirs.

    All of you are drone enthusiasts and own and still fly the Mavic 2 Pro.

    As a first time owner/purchaser/pilot (pure recreational purpose) of a Drone, I can only choose one

    The Skydio2 or the Mavic 2 Pro

    If you were in the same situation and circumstance and under the same constraints

    which one would you choose?

  3. Wayne John Hinrichsen

    Hi Billy. I hope you are very well. Have you ever considered doing a video on the known, and as yet, unsolved Mavic Mini problem of suddenly descending uncontrollably, sometimes recovering, but ofttimes not, often into water, for some poor owners? Error message = "Not enough force, ESC Error".Thanks for a great channel. Peace!

  4. Ivan Jdrakov

    Your stuff on the screen looks all big because your phone has a low screen resolution. Mine is 3120 x 1440 and my Mavic Mini's histogram is tiny on my screen compared to others I've seen like iPhone..


  5. tjonessc

    I noticed on the initial landing the gimbal did not reset the camera to zero while landing, DJI's always snap up to zero if pointed down to protect the lens. would imagine this would be a easy fix via firmware but maybe should have been caught during development…

  6. Andrew Sypien

    I ordered and received my Egg X. Had issues trying to use my Android phone and tablet, but could never get it to connect the drone. The camera worked, but the drone would not connect. Deleted and re-installed, and still had the same issue. Connected fine with my iPad, but I didn't want to lug an iPad around. Sent it back the next day and bought an Autel Evo for about the same price and it worked right out of the box without any issues. They did take it back and I was refunded in about a week.

  7. Ron Brown

    It seems like this one still has a few issues that need to worked out in future firmware upgrades. Good honest review, hopefully they can sort out some of the issues you had with it.

  8. adinserter

    I couldn't say for sure as I have not changed or uploaded any new software version. I have flown over the tracks here and they are part of a railroad yard which supposedly controlled by Homeland Security. But then too I did that atleast a month before I saw the news about railroad tracks.

  9. sputniksam

    Hi Billy
    I received my Poweregg X with waterproof kit yesterday. Due to the UK weather I haven’t flown it yet but I’ve still managed to have issues that convince me it was rushed to market after the CES announcement. The Android APP is buggy as a buggy thing. It refuses to work on the S7, and is hit and miss on a Huawei M5Lite8, always wants to restart due to USB issues. It seems to function on my iPad 2019 but thats a moot point as there is no provision to use a tablet on the controller. If I’d have paid full retail for it I would be extremely pissed off, however I paid Mavic Mini money for it as an open box sale but that doesn’t mean I’m not extremely annoyed at the moment. I have let Powervision know my preliminary concerns and it will be interesting to see how proactive their technical support are.

  10. Icantdrive55

    Hopefully they can fix the problems with an update and maybe you can dial in the settings so it will yaw smoother. Had the same problem with my Mavic Pro until I turned down the sensitivity. Otherwise it looks like an interesting drone with lots of potential.

  11. Anthony Smith

    I have no interest in flying in the rain nor taking off and landing on water, great review but I would be embarrassed to get that out and fly "an egg" LOL I think i'll stick to my I2 and Mp2. Don't know how you feel about the range on the I2, I thought for the money and what they sprooked it was very poor. Added fpvlr boosters and antenna kit, well worth the cost A+ may be you can do a video on the I2 range performance increase. regards Tony Australia

  12. adinserter

    There was a new law putin software lately about flying over rails and maybe that is stopping it. Dupposedly the law includes railroad yards and some tracks,,,that are controlled by homeland security!

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