PowerEgg X Waterproof Drone | Unboxing and Overview

In this video, we are taking a closer look at the new PowerEgg X Wizard from PowerVision. This drone is quite unique not only because it is waterproof but it also transforms into a handheld smart AI camera. The PowerEgg X was launched at CES this year and with the included Wizard upgrade kit this drone can become waterproof and can be flown in heavy rain and can land and launch from the water. In this video, we are taking a look at all the components and how they work as well as the Vision+ 2 App. Stay tuned for test flights and full review.

PowerEgg X Explorer:
PowerEgg X Wizard:

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41 Replies to “PowerEgg X Waterproof Drone | Unboxing and Overview”

  1. David Tolsky

    I've come to the conclusion that the waterproof housing is not for flying in the rain. I tried that and it's just ridiculous dealing with water drops falling into your shot. That housing must exist for when you are taking off and landing in water with the floats attached. Think of it more as a splash guard. Can it be submerged? Nope, I wouldn't.

  2. Scott Bynon

    So it's $1,250 so it better do what it's supposed to do I mean that's ridiculous in price

    not everybody in this world is Rich and this drone is designed to rich people and it's really disgusting really is

  3. Ron Brown

    Interesting new drone, I've been following it since CES. Nice boxing, I learned a few things I hadn't know about it before watching. And look forward to your test flight when your weather improves.

  4. Keith Douglas

    Not sure about that waterproof housing. 1 its not optical glass or plastic so very poor light transmission. 2 there would be no airflow especially for the camera which would effect performance. 3 that thing would fog up like crazy especially in the rain or cold environments.

  5. Airwolf

    How is the AI Camera mode controlled and image viewed? I realize that the answer is through the phone via the app, but I'm wondering how tedious it may be to hold the camera and the phone. It would be nice to have a phone/tablet mount on the camera handle to facilitate this.

  6. Pierre Desrochers

    Bonjour Capitaine Drone,

    Since few months I have look many video's drone reviews made by you, and I was very impressed by the versatility of this Eggs X new drone. Your comments, narration, advises and shooting were always great and very instructive and appreciated for viewer like me, a french “québecois“ passionate by all Remotely piloted aircraft systems. May I wish you to continued your excellent work did with a convivial and concise manner with your contagious smile. I am looking for buying a new drone and your videos were very helpful, thank you Capitaine. Pierre D.

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