1. Grumpy's Stuff

    Patric My Friend. I'm a little crazy myself but I don't think I could work up the nerve to swim with Donald, Daffy, and all their duck friends like you just did! That was great!😮😎😁👌👍

  2. Johann Straus

    hello i am johann from germany you are really helpful documentary for the powereggx i am interested in buying one but there is not enough information about it for example i would be interested if the drone is 3 km away and the signal breaks off if the drone then automatically initiates return flight. and what's still interesting how loud is the drone maybe you can still publish it in a report of yourself. thank you and keep it up greetings johann

  3. Morry Zelcovitch - Brainwave Entrainment Engineer

    Hi Patric, I'm a new follower of yours from Canada and really like your channel. I'm considering the power egg x due to the crappy weather we have here, but I have 2 concerns…

    1) everything is plastic and with popping things on and off all the time I'm worried parts will crack and break over time, what are your thoughts please?

    2) it sounds noisy as heck, it's it really that loud or is there something going on with how you record your videos that makes it sound that way?

    Please let me know and keep up the great fun! Thanks

  4. Adventures In The Outback

    Thank you Patric, these are first videos that show what the camera sees while in the water proof case. Great to know that the water drops do show up in the video. Not sure if there may be a cure for it? Hey, how is it that all those ducks showed no concern for the drone??

  5. Ashes of Warr

    Awesome! It is really cool that they gave you the water kit! Is it just me, or does the camera on this one look better than the last one? Maybe the other one was just a bad egg ^_^

  6. uptowndisco2

    Looking much better even with the cover on, wonder if your friends at Powervision would give you a discount code for you to give to your Subscribers? Might be worth asking , it would be good for them and your Channel. thanks , Bill

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