PowerEgg-X Review | Why I Returned Mine For A Refund

Here is my full review of the PowerEgg-X drone from PowerVision. I did have some issues with this drone that could be a deal-breaker for some. I want to mention that most of these issues could be fixed with firmware updates and I could of very well received a defective unit. I have had the Power Egg X for over a month now and have had a good amount of time to evaluate its performance and form an opinion. During my testing, I always made sure I was testing the unit within the recommended operating temperature range. I love the concept of this waterproof drone and I think it has a lot of potential but there are some serious problems that need to be addressed. I will revisit this drone once PowerVision has had time to work out the bugs.

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  1. Katch Bullet River Adventures

    Powervision has done the same with all it's products, Always unfinished projects with major flaws,But they will still sell them.I brought the PowerRay and my god the problems with it.But I tried to work with them to help make there products better,But they are not interested. All they are interested in is selling unfinished products and taking people's money.Sad but a Company with small vision.

  2. Iñigo Zapata

    If you were close to the temperature limit, as soon as you go up, the temp goes down. Maybe that had something to do. Handheld at ground level it seemed to do fine. How is it working nowadays in warmer months?

  3. chillimocha

    Thanks for an honest and frank review. When I see things like poor translation and grammar in app menus and and printed literature that comes with the product its a major red flag to me. At 7.08 'Strong wireless interference, image transmission signal is unstable. BE CARFUL WHEN FLY'. It shows a 'near enough is good enough' mentality from the company that has produced the product. The fact that they could not be bothered to firstly make sure the spelling is correct and secondly to make sure the grammar is correct is pretty pathetic, and sadly this shows in the actual product which you have very well documented – a half baked product that is no where near finished and has plenty of problems that they have seen fit to release to the market, to paying customers. That is inexcusable.

  4. William Horsley

    Heres what I believe is going to happen with this drone. The same as Poweregg and Powereye they sell for high price and within a year its price range will fall by half. Like the other 2 drones they used to sell so anyone wanting this drone just wait. I just ordered the powereye for less then half original price. Big issue would be price of batteries ($250). Should drop in price as well I'm thinking. Wifi issues can be improved by using moded hubsan zino antenna sleeve booster . In my opinion powerVision makes high quality unusual looking drones that all suffer wifi lag issues and app issues along with in app updates. Scratch poweregg and powereye from that list.

  5. Scott Duffy

    My first non toy drone was the original poweregg. While it was really cool looking and head an abundance of power and maneuverability, it was immediately plagued with connectivity issues. Having to restart the app in midair, video freezing, going into P mode in the middle of flight with satellites readily available, the user interface connectivity between phone and remote control and aircraft for powervision simply is not up to expected standards such as DJI. I have since bought a mavic mini just to examine a DJI product and it pretty much operates flawlessly from a connectivity standpoint. No weird quirks. Not to mention that in one episode two months after I bought the power egg it came in for a hard Landing no fault of mine & damaged the gimbal and I had to pay $350 to have the unit replaced. 2 months later one of the sets of propellers flew off of my replacement aircraft while it was hovering right in front of me and it crashed out of control. Powervision stated that I would be responsible for those repairs financially I tried to explain that I stood there and watched the drone crash out of control and the propeller fly off but to no avail. They stood their ground and would not even meet me halfway. I will never buy another powervision product. Which is really a shame because my first several months with the poweregg i was a huge proponent and talked it up but in the end it turned out to be a failure

  6. Johan Gräsbeck

    I guess the plastic “bubble” case is a small price to pay for having a totally waterproof drone… BTW, why not put on the same protective film back on that it came with when not using the casing (or use some other type of protection)? It will obviously get scratched in the camera bag and that’s a bit like saying camera lenses are bad as they get scratched if you don’t put on a lens cap. Anyhow, appreciate the insight about the usability, video quality etc. Will have to wait and see if it improves with FW updates. This seems to have a lot of potential and perhaps an improved version with some tweaks (eg the handheld mode, record button…) and perhaps even a 1” sensor camera (??) we could have a real winner here.

  7. Skrutinizr

    Hmmm…. I thought the instructions specifically said to add a coating for anti-fog and water repellant purposes. I've talked to a few owners of these and they didn't all have the distance issues- so makes one wonder if there are some inconsistencies in the versions released or if it's possibly just not forgiving when it comes to external interference.
    I've got one on the way to try, so if I figure anything out on it I'll let you know. I'm going to do some testing on interference rejection, etc.

  8. gps 0315

    Good review, thank you.
    I have been flying camera drones since 2014, I don't class myself as professional, far from it. I have been seriously considering buying one of these drones. I have done many hours of research and would just like to comment 2 points you have raised.
    Point 1. As you point out the range is very poor, regardless of urban or rural locations or whether in fcc or ce area.
    Point 2. Many people are experiencing the same video quality issue, soft and blurry. It seems to be a temperature issue, flying in cold weather conditions. When flown indoors or more favourable conditions, the image qualty is as advertised, much better.

  9. Ron Brown

    It's really a shame when these companies release new drones with the soft focus issues. And the video quality you showed in this video it totally unacceptable for a drone in this price range. Let's hope they can get it fixed in a future update.The waterproof features of this drone are interesting, but in the end a little unless if you can't get clear video and pictures through the plastic shell and water-drops. Great review, and I'm looking forward to seeing more of this drone once they have done some firmware updates to it.

  10. Alfredo Gallegos Jimenez

    I return my new never fly PowerEgg X because in the firmware upgrade the control remote disconnect with the drone and never re connect. so is imposible to start again the upgrade, very sad , I was in the CES and they look perfect . I call Power Vision and they confirm to me that is a software problem and please return the unit for repair or change for a new one ,

  11. manosnotia2

    Many problems for me….i have iphone x and in camera mod autonomous AI camera not working..double click in my face but nothing..videos not save full…explain in video 5 minutes save only 1.5 minutes…videos dowload in my phone galerry but not found it…and today i found a new firmware update but allways wright a message network error please check metwork settings!

  12. Todd Symborski

    I've had mine for a month now and I'm getting over 2000m in distance/ had to make the adjustment, at first I was loosing signal at 1500m. My video didn't look the greatest either, played with the manual settings and it made some improvements. I live in Michigan ( cold and snow as well…lol). I'm still gonna be testing as well.

  13. AeroSpaceNews.com

    Such a Canadian! And I mean that in every imaginable good way. You expressed, with fairness and civility, some very legitimate concerns you encountered during real world testing, yet you were concerned you were being perceived as unkind or harsh. My impression of you was that you were experienced, informed, and intelligent, catching issues you thought your audience ought to know about. Great job! (I hope that wasn't too enthusiastic, eh?) ; )

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