PowerEgg X Range Test In-Depth – How Far Will It Go & How has it improved?

Enjoy my PowerEgg X Range Test Review. Join me as we go In-Depth exploring how far it will go & how it’s improved so far. Get it here

The PowerEgg X has the potential to shake up the market with it’s All-in-One land and air modular waterproof camera design. Join me as we explore what it is capable of in-depth.

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– Dustin & Family
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33 Replies to “PowerEgg X Range Test In-Depth – How Far Will It Go & How has it improved?”

  1. Janina Olander

    Hi Dustin!

    Greetings from Finland, EU 🙂
    I was wondering if you were planning to review the Hubsan Zino 2 at some point, or are you giving it a pass?
    Love your reviews by the way.
    I opted buying the PowerEgg X over the Mavic Air 2 simply because I already own a Mavic 2 Pro, and wanted to try something new. Very pleased with my purchase.
    It also looks aesthetically very pleasing. I´m kind of disappointed at DJI for cloning the same Mavic model over and over again. Quite frankly, they should hire a
    designer for the Mavic Pro 3 to rework it from the ground up. Or just skip it and release the Phantom 5.

    Anyway, best wishes to you kind Sir and God bless you.

  2. Phil Gregory

    Politics have no place on this channel, I have always enjoyed your reviews, but I also read comments, you shouldn't respond to political rhetoric and stick to the subject, by commenting and repeating main stream media propaganda (which completely ignores 1 side of the story) you have alienated many people that you have a lot in common with. Including me

  3. Mike Montgomery

    Just read your comment in which you called President Trump a liar, accused him of trying to win re-election "on the backs of dead Americans", and called for his "elimination." This is appalling garbage. I have immediately unsubscribed from your channel and would suggest that all other like-minded subscribers do the same. Good riddance.

  4. muzikmon2267


    I'm contacting you on this last video because I don't know how to contact you any other way..


    I've watched so many range tests with the mavic Air 2..

    I've even done my own range tests in the heavy urban area that I live in..

    I find that the range in general and flight time is no better than my ORIGINAL MAVIC PRO..

    They claim 10 km unobstructed… And we know we can't get 6.2 MI

    But it should at least do a little bit better than the original mavic pro in any situation!!

    But it just doesn't..

    Also they claim 34 minutes of flight time that usually translates to 28 or 29 minutes..

    Most people are lucky. They're getting 22 to 25.

    Everything that DJI claimed for the mavic pro is all correct!!


  5. Scott Givens

    Great long range review Dustin! Can't wait for the long range Mavic Air 2. It's no hype that it gets 3 miles+ easy.

    I got 16,000 in heavy WiFi. I think you will get 20,000-25,000ft in Maui!! Can't wait!!!🙂

  6. Keith

    Great Video, FWIW, for the price of this thing everything should work properly. Now if it was priced like the X8 I could live with the short comings. Don't know how and why someone could thumbs down this, must be the FAA!

  7. muzikmon2267

    Got my MAVIC AIR 2..

    keep thinking to myself I wish I could give it to you so I can see you do a range test because I don't have the balls to do it like you 🤣😂🤣😂

    Where's your MAVIC AIR 2 Dustin!!



  8. Edmond Seal

    I purchased one of these flying eggs and really wanted to like it. I flew it one time and all went well. I saw they had some updates for it so I thought I’d update it. The battery was dead as a hammer. Mine just came with the one battery and now it’s useless. I haven’t had any of my calls returned from PowerVision. I haven’t found the battery anywhere for sell. I’m not very happy with this broken egg.

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