Power Up Your Nintendo Switch

The best accessory to get for your Nintendo Switch!

13400 model:

20100 model:

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32 Replies to “Power Up Your Nintendo Switch”

  1. Ryan Hansen

    i think you are wrong, and you can get about 3 full charges out of the small bank, and about 4.5 out of the bigger one because the switche's battery is about 4000 mah, and the large battery is about 20000 mah. i dont know, i might be dumb

  2. MERICA #1

    I think beatem ups is a better Nintendo switch channel
    1. More subs
    2. He doesn’t show you stupid shit to do to your switch that’ll break it
    3. He’s more humorous and honest

  3. r1skt8k3r

    Does this Anker power bank charge the Switch while playing, or is it meant to be charged when the power is off or sleep mode??? Is there a large capacity power bank that can charge the Switch while playing??? I've heard of a company called RAVPower I think?!?

  4. Bowsette

    Why is it still so damn expensive? What’s the internal difference between these and other brands? Or even other Anker banks? What’s the name of the song during the charging time lapse?

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