Power Egg X Water Landing | A Lot More Fun

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People keep asking so here is the most current gear I use
Sony A6400
Sony A6100 photos
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Deity VLav
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Rode VideoMicro
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Zoom H1

Drones I use

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Mavic 2 Pro
Autel EVO

Archived Drones of 2018

Phantom 4 Pro

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30 Replies to “Power Egg X Water Landing | A Lot More Fun”

  1. Infinity Drones

    I really love your channel and the way you do things in an honest open way :). But I need to say this… all the PowerEgg videos… it seems like the drone is really not a good buy. The video quality especially. For me, this compares to a lot of drones MJX etc have made.

  2. BMan FPV

    Hahah, i was watchin and i was like oh i gotta say something ๐Ÿ˜†… kinda thought she was 7 my son is 6… seemed a lil older, he loves the drone, we'll take it outand he'll just pick a car and follow it around town๐Ÿ˜Š

  3. Patchworks Media

    Always look forward to your reviews. This is one of my go to channels for anything drone related. Excellent stuff as usual Ken. Great to see the mini dobo is keen to get involved too. A team. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป

  4. Michael Ripple

    That was great I can't wait to have my granddaughter fly my spark now. You would think the outer shell would somewhat distort the picture but it turns out that it's better than before huh

  5. apeel2008

    Awwww …. So if you are 'OriginaldoBO', what are we going to call Zoey? I'm thinking 'CopydoBo' !

    Yeah Zoey! You self confidence in flying was pretty amazing. As was your flying ability! And one piece of advise. Make sure your Dad pays you if he keeps making you 'work' for him as his Assistant.

  6. Lon Denard

    First of all, your daughter is ADORABLE!!! Her mom must be gorgeous! Second, you can just look at the previous footage to see how it was recorded. I agree that this footage is much better. Do you "need" the shell to land on water? That shell reflection struggle was real! I mean, lots of people land standard drones on water all the time with pontoons. Just saying…

    I fly around a lot of water but I've never needed to land on it. I'm guessing it would need to be pretty calm but it's a cool feature. If we could lose the shell, it would be a lot more attractive….

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