Power Egg X First Impressions | Not What Its Cracked Up To Be

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27 Replies to “Power Egg X First Impressions | Not What Its Cracked Up To Be”

  1. DroneUser1

    Any updates on the battery that you could share? I had the same issue as you did with the battery not working and is now a brick. This was the battery that came in the Wizard kit. Thank you

  2. Gregory Johnson

    Yep.. totally agree… buddy had one and returned it… second firm ware update ruined the camera.. I flew it and flight was pretty choppy at best..don’t count on any usable footage in the rain… shield covering gets droplets of rain ruining your footage

  3. Todd Symborski

    Ive had mine for just over a month and your'e pretty much spot-on with your review. Seems like with each firmware update (3 so far) has had an effect on the functionality of the camera. Trying to video anything in 4k has been a challenge, one firmware update seemed to have corrected the issues and the next update messed them up again. I haven't had any issues with the batteries, both have been working fine. I've only been flying drones for 4 months and my first drone was the Mini, which to me has a better camera and gimbal set up. I personally bought it for the water-proof set up, I camp, kayak and bike-pack ( kind of like the only purpose of owning a Skydio). Love flying and testing the 2 drones I have and I thank you for the awesome videos you produce, they help me immensely.

  4. NoOneSpecific

    You do good reviews, always enjoy them! I didn’t think about the water proof and flying in the rain, that could be fun actually, I’m thinking thunderstorm though, maybe some awesome video if it survives, lol!

  5. NoOneSpecific

    The clear cover, scratching , yellowing, about all clear plastic like that can be made like brand new with a good quality headlight housing restoration kit. Works like a charm on everything I’ve tried it on so far. Those clear plastic phone cases would be an example. You have to get a good one though, can’t go cheap on the restoration kit. Just a tip for any clear plastic items.

  6. Troy Foster

    Ken …..That hand catch was truly original……!!! Great review…. Always true to how you feel about a product. Thats what I appreciate when I watch reviews……No sugar coating….Just straight up your opinion about the product. Keep up the great work man!!!

  7. sputniksam

    It’s unfortunate that your flight experience has been so different to mine. One issue could be your firmware upload failure. As for the OA issue… I was Beta testing V2.0.9. of the Android APP a few weeks ago and I too experienced this issue. Speaking with the developers they acknowledged the problem and stated the OA sensitivity threshold needed adjustment. I assumed they had addressed this before making it public, but with all the crazy issues going on around the Globe I guess it might have been overlooked. With the OA disabled I found the flight performance to be very good. I own many drones from DJI, Parrot, Yuneec, etc (approx 60 in total), and I found this one to be the most rewarding, similar in some respects to my home built Pixhawk based creations. I also noted it had no issues in the cold when at the same time the Inspire wimped out and refused to take off. It also had no issues keeping stable in the recent Winter storms we’ve been experiencing here in the UK.

    I’m not a YT creator but rather someone that enjoys the technical aspects of this technology but I found the video quality to be pretty decent. Up until recently I had issues playing back vanilla 1080p on my antiquated PC but I’ve upgraded to a machine specific for dealing with high bitrate 4K and the output of the PEX is very pleasing with no jerkiness and no decernable unwanted artefacts.

    Now the not so good stuff. I was very disappointed when I first received my PEX as the APP would not run on any of my Samsung devices. Digging deeper I took this to be an issue with the way the live video feed had been wrapped and the inability of the Samsung GPU to handle the data. It worked flawlessly on my Huawei devices. This too was relayed back to the developers.

    Better stuff. I have found the support from the European support offices to be very good. I’ve had near daily contact with them as I have worked through some of the issues and in return they’ve been very appreciative. However I do think this product was rushed, probably, and pardon the pun, to make a splash at this years CES.

    I feel confident that if you give it a bit more attention you may actually grow to like this somewhat unconventional little drone.



  8. Ab Rob

    I have tried this drone, love it – especially the fact that it changes from drone to fixed mount AI tracking camera, to handycam – awesome idea, and love the build quaility

  9. bobwhitewo3b

    Ken, after watching your video and earlier videos posted by others on the Power Egg X I don't see how it can be competitive at it's current price. It's video doesn't even hold up to what you can get out of a Mavic Mini in my opinion.


    Hi Ken great first thoughts on the power egg 🥚 I think it’s not for me I’ll stick with my Mavic 2 Zoom just love it although I like the look of the new EVO 2 coming out but don’t know how to get it shipped to the uk 🇬🇧 cheers thanks again well done 👍

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