Porsche Axes Diesels, Tesla Semi Truck Tests – Autoline Daily 2441

0:34 Peugeot Introduces New Plug-In Hybrids
1:15 Tesla Making Progress with Semi Truck
1:55 Volvo Trucks Suspends Operations in Iran
2:48 GMC Sierra eAssist Details
4:06 Porsche Drops Diesels from Lineup
5:16 The Mid-Engine Cadillac That Never Was

Story Links:
– PHEV Peugeots:

– Tesla Semi Truck Tests:

– Volvo Trucks Impacted by Sanctions:

– Porsche Axes Diesels:

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11 Replies to “Porsche Axes Diesels, Tesla Semi Truck Tests – Autoline Daily 2441”

  1. East17A

    the GMC Trucks are nice design . but man they get so rusty so fast especially at the rare end and the frame like if they were made out of tinplate. i have at least 8 of my coworkers owns GMC trucks in 5 years the rear wheel area looks so ugly i can't believe they never considered to look into to this for a fix they cost a lot of money to buy them Trucks !!!!

  2. HyperRide

    I wish Cadillac would go back to the old name plates, like Seville, Fleetwood, Eldorado ! I think that would help to create a better image for them, the Alphabet soup names don't add to the personality that is Cadillac!

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