Pokemon Direct Rumors ALREADY? Nintendo Switch Pokemon Game Update

Pokemon News for the Nintendo Switch Pokemon Game soon? We are seeing some historic trends for a Pokemon Direct / New Pokemon news so things might get interesting.

Joe Merrick on Pokemon Direct Rumors
Rumour: Pokemon Switch Will Be A Reboot Of The Franchise
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List of Nintendo Directs
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33 Replies to “Pokemon Direct Rumors ALREADY? Nintendo Switch Pokemon Game Update”

  1. Kyle Kraus

    If it's a reboot, I'll be upset. I'm just sick of Nintendo pandering to older fans. First Zelda (which was good), then Mario (which wasn't). I just the developers to make good games, not pander to old fans.

  2. Ghost_Troupe

    Considering the rumors that Pokemon Switch will be rebooting the Pokemon series, I could see Gamefreak/Nintendo waiting until more info comes out about the next Pokemon movie before they announce anything. The movie and the "I choose you movie" practically reboots Ash and Pikachu's meeting, while this next movie will apparently reboot Lugia's appearance. It seems like with the anime, movies, and even moving to the switch, Gamefreak has been rebooting the entire franchise. With this knowledge, I'm going to predict an E3 reveal with a November release.

  3. lishai zion

    Verlisify hear me out what if instead of getting dp remakes they'll add sinnoh to the 8th gen like they did in gold and silver and it's not that farfetched because you can do so many things with the switch so it just makes sense…. What do you think?

  4. Jaraxxus The swedish Eredar lord

    My only wish for the pokemon switch game is that PLEASE make it backwards compatible with pokemon bank! Please! I just bought some expensive and rare copies of Diamond and White. I don't care if it's 2018, 2019 or even 2020. I just don't want the pokemon to just go to waste.

  5. RocketTwurpSLR

    yh i think its a bit early to be hyping about a pokemon direct being soon, we know pokemon news is coming its just when. Probably when we least expect it lol

    maybe its coming, perhaps these were all of the games ready to be shown for the direct and pokemon not so much.
    And they were showing smash, i think maybe if they shown both pokemon and smash in the same stream, i think it kinda would of been a bit to explosive. Probably leaving pokemon out was a good idea so itll give pokemon its own hype it deserves. Cuz i think if they were both in stream itll be like the one or the other or too much amazingness.

    Their probably thinking we should be patient.

    i can see what they mean with rewriting it for the switch, since gen 4 going on ds was kinda a different from being on the previous console. it was a little different cuz it moved from just playing with friends to moving online, could be different in that retrospect with how the switch is. But i feel like thats just speculation of how pokemon will work on switch.

    Im kinda feeling were gonna get remakes, or something to do with pokemon colloseum, would be cool if we got a remake of that.

    yh the alolan oddish was a bit off with the leaks, even though everything else was correct. Perhaps it could have been the same. Credible, but unlucky? Maybe.

    It was nice of them to apologise they got thier info wrong, not a lot of people would if cared about that. (Espiesially in the pkmn community were everything fake is supposingly real)

  6. Joshay Universe

    Bruh. No one knows wtf is happening for a Pokemon game on the switch! We probably won't get a direct for it until May or June. Not many people are willing to let it out, if any, who know about. You're absolute trash. You hacking, lying, dirty s**t.

  7. Zabdiel Cruz

    I have a small diamond and pearl thought… I just finished the main game and post game for Ultra Sun… and i realised you get a lot of heal balls throughout the game.. maybe Im overthinking things but could it be a small hint for DP Remakes? The heal ball was introduced in Gen 4 of course so that is why I thought of it. Dont know if anyone ever mentioned it before. Or maybe i really am overthinking things.

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