Podcast: flurry of Tesla news, Daimler's response to Tesla Semi, Jaguar pushes I-Pace, more

This week on the Electrek Podcast, we discuss the most popular news in the world of sustainable transport and energy, including a flurry of Tesla news from the shareholder meeting, Daimler unveils new electric trucks in response to Tesla Semi, Jaguar starts marketing the I-Pace, and more.

Here are a few of the articles that we will discuss during the podcast today:

Tesla releases new image of Model Y electric CUV, Musk jokes about it having no steering wheel
Tesla unveils new white next-gen Roadster prototype at shareholder meeting
Tesla Model 3 claims best-selling mid-sized premium sedan spot, gives production update
Tesla pushes Supercharger V3 to ‘end of the year’, says it will be ‘zombie apocalypse-proof’
Electric cars can now charge on sunlight day and night with Tesla Powerpacks at new ‘Smart Solar Charging’ station
Tesla finally adds highly requested feature to Supercharger stations – a squeegee station
Tesla will start offering Model 3 leases in ‘6 to 9 months’, says Elon Musk
Tesla releases new Autopilot update with performance improvements and new car renderings
Tesla to open its own body shops by the end of the month, could offer same day repair, says Elon Musk
Tesla (TSLA) rallies ~10% on Elon Musk’s confidence as the shorts scramble
Daimler unveils electric eCascadia semi truck to compete with Tesla Semi, launches electric truck group
Jaguar I-PACE review roundup: 20 early videos are mostly positive but lack EV context
Porsche: Mission E doesn’t aim to be a Tesla killer, it aims to be a ‘real Porsche’
Porsche’s Mission E all-electric vehicle becomes the ‘Taycan’

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13 Replies to “Podcast: flurry of Tesla news, Daimler's response to Tesla Semi, Jaguar pushes I-Pace, more”

  1. persianninja

    I think you should be referring to Hypercars not Supercars when comparing to Roadster2, speaking of electric hypercars have you heard of Rimac Concept 2? It suppose to have an augmented mode where it teaches you how to drive it around the track. Also on another point I think Tesla should make a GT Version of the Model S with Roadster2 capability

  2. Steve McCormack

    Interesting show. Seth looks more and more like one of those guys on the Greek statues… Democritus. Careful with that iPace dude.
    So it strikes me that Jaguar have a nice opportunity here to make a 60kwhr version of the iPace. This would be maybe 2-300 pounds lighter and more nimble. Also it would be cheaper and a change to sell more of them. In fact if they released a simple version of the car with a smaller battery and no glass roof etc, they might be able to shave the best part of 10K off the price. It would still be a cool car and because of the weight reduction it might deliver a little extra in performance – like 220 miles per charge instead of just 195 for example. Even people who have lots of cash still appreciate saving a few grand.

  3. Roger Starkey

    Regarding the "pickup announcement" possibility.
    I don't think it will happen before the AWD Model 3 is in production, just to make sure the drivetrain is working well.
    Also, I think they may move away from announcing hard production dates so far in advance to help overcome the "Tesla time" ("Elon time"?) criticism. I see a pattern of more pessimistic targets and actually BEATING them. If nothing else that would REALLY "wind up" the shorters!

  4. Roger Starkey

    Look at the front wheel on the model Y sketch.
    It appears to be elongated vertically (out of round)
    I wonder if somebody took an image of a model 3 and stretched it 5%.
    I could do that on a photocopier in 30 seconds.
    Maybe add some Semi style (vertical) lights?

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